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Affiliate Marketing Managers

Affiliate marketing is where you sell your products online and have a virtual sales force who makes a commission after referring a sale to you.

Do you have a product that you want to sell online?

Your product or service is important. Every product or service sells differently and each one has their own ceiling’s and range of success with an affiliate program. We can help you get your product sold online through a variety of methods. We are experts at affiliate marketing and have the experience to sell your products online.

How An Affiliate Marketing Program Works

Affiliate marketing program consists of an army of virtual salespeople that refer customers to your website and drive sales that you could never get on your own.

Affiliate Marketing Management

As a business owner you have limited time to manage your business. With an affiliate marketing program it is a full time job unto itself. Brandamos has an affiliate marketing division that manages several affiliate programs for a variety of products ranging from home furnishings to health and beauty products. Brandamos also has experience on the other side of the affiliate coin by selling a large mix of programs in a variety of niches successfully for more than 10 years.

Structuring Your Affiliate’s Payout

There are CPA’s – Cost per action. You as the store owner only pay the affiliate when an action has taken place. An action could be a click, a lead signup form, or a sale.

Rev Share – Revenue sharing program where the affiliate gets a percentage revenue on the sale or continuous revenue share on any further sales.

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