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SEO is and acronym for search engine optimization. It is one of the best ways you can get business to your website. If your website ranks higher in the search engines you will receive more organic traffic to your business. The value is high and that same reason is why your competitors are doing it RIGHT NOW. Everyday, other businesses are trying to takeover those top rankings because those rankings have a value depending on the specific business niche.

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Not All SEO Companies Are Equal

The most important thing for a website is that it works. Sounds funny, but that also matters for SEO purposes. See Google, appreciates and values websites that work perfectly and are secure. They are no longer sending their valuable searchers to broken, unkept, or outdated sites. Some companies do not know what is important for SEO and only concentrate on backlinks. This is the old methodolgy.
Here is an example of the process of ranking a website for a certain term. In our case we want to rank for the term SEO Fort Lauderdale as its a keyphrase that matters to our business.

What Every SEO Client Should Know
About SEO Services

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with SEO clients all over the world.

  • Not all backlinks are good for your website.

  • Certain backlinks are better for your page than others

  • What you write on your page can effect conversion rates.

  • Page load time matters to search engines and customers

  • Technical SEO is often overlooked by your current SEO company.

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Do I Need SEO?

You only need Search Engine Optimization if you want to increase your sales, gain more exposure, remove negative reputation, or appear as the authority in a particular subject. If you don’t care about any of those things, then you probably don’t need SEO. There are different aspects to what Search Engine Optimization is used for. The number one reason people utilize search engine optimization is to gain exposure to potential customers that use the web either through their computer or mobile device.The internet is moving, is your website along for the ride? Contact us today for a free seo evaluation.

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SEO Audit Tool

We have a free Search Engine Optimization tool. Use the tool with your website to see where you stand

Search Engine Reptuation
Management or SERM

As mentioned in a previous page that explained what Reputation Management is, we utilize SEO techniques to rank more positive items about yourself or business so that the first thing a potential customer sees is not bad.

Search Engine Marketing

This is where we utilize techniques to sell more of whatever it is you are selling. One of the tools we use is internet marketing, as well as other tools such as PPC management for your business, or even email marketing. We explain in detail how we can help create or improve your PPC advertising efforts with our pay per click services.

The Different Types of Optimization

Local SEO

This type of page optimization is so that your website can rank in the local Search Engine Results for things that matter to your business. Such as Boynton Beach Dentist

Organic SEO

This type of SEO is that your content works in a way that builds a nice flowing long tail list of searches where your customers are finding you in a variety of search terms and phrases, organically. This is the most natural form of SEO hence the name.

Social SEO

Social networking is the most trafficked form of internet activity now. Everybody checks at least one social networking site everyday. Utilizing social seo can be a great bang for your buck.

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