Instagram is one of the hottest social media networks, and it shows no signs of slowing down. If you’ve been thinking about ramping up your Instagram marketing strategy then now is the time to start.

We’re going to take a look at some of the most effective methods for building a larger following on this hot new social media platform.

1. Use Hashtag Monitoring

By keeping track of certain hashtags you’ll be able to determine who your ideal Instagram follower is going to be. To get started search for a specific hashtag that you think your users might be interested in.

When you find an interesting post, see if the user is worth following. If they have similar interests and an overlap with your business, then they might follow you back.

This process is time consuming but it will help you connect with people in your target demographic instead of simply building a large following of unengaged users.

2. Have A Clear Focus

Your Instagram account needs to have a clear focus, just like your business. That means if your Instagram is geared towards gaining followers for your wedding photography company you shouldn’t be sharing photos of your cat, or the last meal you ate.

Stay on topic and people will begin to rely on you for providing a specific form of content. Once your followers expect you to post in a certain style, you should stay within this expectation.

3. Launch a Contest

Contests can be a great way to build buzz and gain followers. Who doesn’t love the chance to win free stuff? You can actually partner with another Instagram user that has a large group of followers and co-sponsor a contest.

By partnering with a user with a large amount of followers, and making following both brands the entry cost to the contest you’ll start to see your list grow.

4. Keep a Regular Consistent Schedule

Instagram is one of the few networks where people are active all day long. This means you need to maintain a regular posting schedule in order to be at the top of people’s minds.

By consistently sharing you’ll be able to reach new followers and ensure that people remain interested in your work for the long haul.

5. Link and Promote to Other Networks

Building a larger following on Instagram isn’t extremely difficult, but it will take time. After all, you need to be providing consistent value or entertainment to your followers in order for them to stick around.

6. If You Can’t Handle the Grind

If you or your company are struggling to maintain a regular stream of content production, then consider hiring a social media agency. Talk to us or find someone near you that meets your needs.

Stick with the strategies above and you’ll be on your way towards building a larger and more engaged following for the long term.


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