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Animated Videos For Business

Animated videos compact and compress the lengthy content you need to present your business or business process into a packaged video that makes it easy for a viewers to process and understand.

Your animated video is made to order from scratch. We work with you on the script and show you rough drafts throughout the process until the final video is delivered. The typical turn around time is 3-8 weeks depending on complexity and length of video. We recommend that your animated video’s target length should be 1:30. Remeber, animated videos are great for sales and increasing conversions.

Animated Business Videos & Explainer Videos Work On These Platforms

  • youtube videos
  • facebook video company
  • kickstarter videos
  • instagram videos

Animated Explainer Videos

Convert your visitors to customers using animation. Animated videos offers an exciting way to present information that is consumable for your audience to convert them to taking an action before they bounce from your page or site.

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Talk to us about creating your next animated video. We are based in Fort Lauderdale, but create animated videos for businesses all around the globe. We work with businesses large and small and can offer bulk rates for major corporations that want to create a large number of videos outside or inside sales departments. Contact Us Today


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