Brandamos recently had the chance to get our hands on a Glide Gear 5050 and the Rokinon 14mm 2.8 prime lens. With its wide field of view we thought it was a perfect opportunity to film a pogo video. On a glide cam the ultra wide lens is just a thing of beauty because of how much space is around your focal point. Although the Rokinon is the budget option compared to something like the Canon 14mm, it is a cost savings of more than $1800 for above average optics and a little hassle of fully manual lens.

This pogostick is the Flybar 800. It is essentially the supercar of Pogosticks. In this video Alex demonstrates why pogoing is such a fun activity. Hope you like it.

Flybar Going to NYC

Brandamos will be at Pogopalooza filming the event for Flybar so if you are out there come say hi.


Raving Fans

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