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Fort Lauderdale Time Lapse

Timelapse Production

What consists of a timelapse production? First thing we need to do is talk about what subject matter we are timelapsing. The second important part is the timeframe. Are we shooting for 1 hour, 8 hours, or a week? Once we figure out the timeframe and the subject matter, we need decide to on locations like we did in this Fort Lauderdale timelapse.

Location scouting is an important item to the final time lapse product and one that is often not budgeted for. However, one should consider this as an important pre-production step to the final movie.


Where Have You Seen Time Lapses?

The introductions to two successful and popular Netflix series House of Cards, Bloodline, both use timelapses in the pre-roll credits.


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Don’t wait to find out if we are available for your timelapse project. We schedule these types of shoots in advance due to the need for location scouting and media storage.

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