Is Your Website Google Places and Google Maps Optimized?

Simply put, you need a website to attract business. As paper phone books swiftly becoming extinct—even as they fight to stay alive— potential customers use the web at an ever increasing rate than ever to find products and services. Gone are the days when customers went to a physical location first to look for their desired products and services. Having pointed that out, a potentially may still come to your location but not before having completed online research.

However, a business cannot simply put up a website, create a couple social media pages, and expect customers to find them. The World Wide Web is vast and a problematic place to navigate. How does a company stand out among the rest? A few answers exist, a popular one, arguably the best one, is Google Places. Now, a Google Place page is a must yet, that is only the beginning. Almost always, people enter a particular type of business or industry because they know that business or industry. Marketing, particularly social media marketing, may not be their strong point. Enter Brandamos, a company that can assist in a company’s attempt to be seen rising above the rest.

Benefits of Google Places
Every business, large and small, needs Google Places but why? Simply put, a number of businesses utilize it already and they are “eating your lunch” because of it. You cannot afford not to.

Benefits of Google Places include:

  • Provides a free service for listing your company; the price is right.
  • Focuses on local searches, not statewide or national searches. Gives a greater chance of being seen.
  • Marked on Google Maps, showing your exact location; customers can find you easily.
  • Finding your company in organic (natural) search results is more beneficial than paying for online advertising.

What is Google Places Optimization?

A company cannot simply create a Google Place page and then sit around and wait for customers to crash their door. Optimizing your page to ensure that your potential customers view it. Numerous consumers browse the first page after a search, rarely going to the second page of a search engine results page (SERP), furthermore an even smaller amount makes it past the top half of the SERP. For a company’s rank to rise is absolutely necessary for survival and Brandamos will do it.

Brandamos knows all there is to know about achieving a higher rank in Google Places and will assist your company in achieving your goals by bringing traffic to your Google Place page and eventually, and more exciting, jostling at your door! Achieving the highest Google page rank possible becomes paramount if there is any chance of people finding you online.

How Brandamos can Support Your Google Places Page

Brandamos utilizes only white hat techniques; black and gray hat might work for a short time, however eventually Google will penalize companies, and in some cases even ban companies that use these techniques. With our team’s experience and knowledge we always remain within Google’s guidelines. Choosing Brandamos as your social media marketing partner will boost your business to heights you never thought possible. Your trust in us in never misplaced.

We serve countless clients who have experienced poor service and support with other optimization companies. Frequently, they have been penalized by Google or worse, banned, and they need us to place them back and visible. Moreover, once we clean up the mess other optimization companies created, our clients are flummoxed, asking themselves why they did not come to us in the first place.

Brandamos will improve your ranking in Google Places, as we understand how the Google services, for example, Maps and Places work. We have techniques—legitimate techniques—that our competitors do not know about, for we put forth the effort to learn them that will solidify your rankings as your business grows.

To recap, an online presence is essential to a business’ survival; you need more than a website though. In addition, you need to create social media profiles, which would not be complete without a Google Places page. Nearly every web surfer uses Google as their primary search engine and that will be true for years to come. Let Brandamos focus on your Google Places and Google Maps page while your company focuses on your business.

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