When people are in the mood to buy something they usually want to see it first. People rarely buy anything without doing the best they can to experience the product first-hand. However, it’s hard to have the experience in the online world, as sadly, you can’t test drive products. Unless, it’s a sample of a digital product.

To compensate for this lack you’ll need to work twice as hard. This means you’ll want to do whatever you can to make the product feel as alive as possible. Increasing your conversion rates is all about testing. By testing a variety of images on your website there’s a good chance your conversion rates will increase.

In this article we’re going to cover how exactly you can use images to increase your conversion rates.

1. Use high quality images
If you’re using images you’ll want them to be high quality. There’s no point to using low-quality images. In fact, if you end up losing low quality images they’ll make it less likely that people will buy your product, or read your article.

2. Give alternative views
If you’re selling a product the more images you can provide the better. This will give your viewers the best experience possible and will enable them to actually envision holding or using your product.

If you have a bunch of images you can always include thumbnails as well. That way your user can choose which images they prefer to see.

3. Use Great CTA (Call to Action) Buttons
Amazon was one leader in this space very early on.

4. Context matters
If you’re selling a product it’s not just good enough to show it on its own. Have a few images that show the product being used. That way people can image themselves actually using the product.

5. Include a zoom feature
People love to get a closer look when available. By having an available zoom feature you’ll make it easy for people to explore the product deeper, if that’s what they’re looking for. You’ll want to include as many “experiential” options as possible.

6. Avoid stock photos
Stock photos are cheesy and don’t do anyone a favor. They make your products or articles seem less professional. When people see stock photos today they mostly ignore them, it’s as simple as that.

7. Use rotating images (if applicable)
If you’re selling a product it can help to implement an interactive feature. This means being able to explore your picture an entire 360 degrees. You can even have images that begin to rotate automatically, which will give your viewer the full view of your product right away.

Nike Custom ID is a great example of using this feature.

8. Use human photos
Include pictures of people whenever possible. People love seeing, talking to, and buying from other people. If you want your conversions to skyrocket make your site as human as possible.

9. Include images in blog posts
Add images to a blog post whenever possible. Images increase the readability of your posts, which increases the likelihood of sharing. Which can lead to increased business down the line.

I hope this article has been valuable and you have a better understanding of how you can use images to increase your conversion rates.


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