Everyone loves cheap! However, it’s the “cheap” price that they love so much and not the “cheap” quality. Is it possible to get cheap and great? Only you can decide whether its worth being cheap when it comes to design that is going to reflect your business, your brand, your reputation.

Now throw in “Fast”! It needs to be done yesterday, in an hour, by later this afternoon. Sure, it can be done but in most cases these things could have been planned weeks or months in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute to just throw something together just to get it out the door. When it comes to your business and your brand you can not afford to rush something out the door.

Take your time, strategize and develop a plan of action. Then design greatness.

Fast and cheap web design - can't happen

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David Shiffman is Co-Founder and Brand Elevater at Brandamos. A creative strategist with over 10 years of experience developing marketing strategies and guiding business development. An expert at translating brand objectives into creative strategies. Shiffman has worked with companies such as Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Absolut Vodka and Bed Bath & Beyond.. His internet marketing strategies and execution have resulted in millions of dollars in revenue for clients and his personal experience gives an advantage in elevating brands both offline and online.

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