Instagram Fights Spam and Releases New Filters

It’s been a big week for Instagram, while adding five new filters; Instagram lost millions of spam accounts. In an attempt to clean up the photo-sharing app from false spam accounts, the event is now being considered the “Instagram Rapture” and ironically sent users into an outraged frenzy by the sudden disappearance of their followers.

The accounts hit the hardest were celebrities and users who purchased followers. Rapper Akon reportedly lost 56% of his followers while Kim Kardashian dropped 1.3 million followers in minutes. Instagrammer chiragchirag78 went from 4 million fans to only eight. He ended up deleting his account from the devastation. So why did Instagram conduct such a sudden massacre when the app itself lost a record breaking 19 millions followers?

Don’t feel bad for Instagram losing 19 million fake users. Their valuation was just upped to 35 billion by Citigroup.

Like its parent company Facebook, Instagram regularly removes accounts to limit spam and prevent users from buying followers to appear more popular. Let’s keep it honest people! Instragam had already deactivated those accounts; this was the final removal of all the spam. No one could have predicted the outcome.

“This Instagram bloodbath is hilarious,” said Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky, a popular Instagrammer with 2.2 million followers. “This should be a national holiday. We all know who bought followers, so today just corroborated everyone’s suspicions. So many people losing their followers, watching their digital worlds crumble. Today is so fun.”

Instagram’s 5 New Filters

While some users are continuing to write insults and profanities towards the app, others are be ecstatic about the five new filters Instagram added that give photos a new perspective and add a certain subtlety to each photo. Aden, Crema, Ludwig, Slumber and Perpetua are the five new filters, individually unique, they all add there own style, and flair to photos.

Aden makes photos look like pastels and should be used with portraits. Crema gives photos a smooth and creamy look, best used outdoors for warming and cooling effects. Ludwig enhances light while taking away most of the colors, great to use Ludwig with portraits, architecture, and geometric shapes. Slumber de-­-saturates photos and makes them hazy. Slumber is used for a retro or dreamy look. Perpetua is characterized by “a bluish, green, earthy look like of nature”, best used in the daylight.

These of course are all suggestions, once users start to fiddle with these filters they’ll begin to use them as they see fit.

Instagram’s New Filters Examples


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