In Instagram’s newest update users were introduced to two new ways of sharing their lives with the world. Instagram Direct now has disappearing photos and videos and slowly more and more users will be able to do Instagram live stories. These new features come shortly after Instagram included mentions, links, and an inline version of Boomerang within Instagram Stories.

Instagram Live Videos

The live video feature is a new addition to Instagram Stories allowing users to go live and connect with friends and followers instantly. The moment you’re done with your live story it disappears. Poof!



Posting a live video via Instagram Stories is pretty simple. All you have to do is swipe right from the feed and click on “Start Live Video” within the Instagram Stories section.

Instagram Live Video Button

This is useful for users and businesses alike because when you go live a notification will go out to friends and followers so they can tune in. During a live video users can pin a comment for all to see, which is great for businesses wanting to give their followers a specific message. When users go live a “live” graphic can be seen under their profile picture within the stories bar.  Instagram is also adding a new section on the explore section for the “Top Live Stories” currently happening.

Instagram is slowly rolling out the live video feature to users. So, if you can’t do live videos yet don’t worry it’s coming to you soon!

Disappearing Photos and Videos in Instagram Direct

In the past year the number of people using Instagram Direct has jumped from 80 million to 300 million. This is mainly due to being able to communicate in groups via Instagram Direct. Many businesses take advantage of this feature when contacting customers for freebies, giveaways, and more.

Instagram Direct

This new feature allows Instagram users to send photos and videos to friends and followers that will disappear once seen. Instagram will notify users instantly if anyone replays or screenshots their disappearing content. One particular thing about this feature is that users can send disappearing content to followers only.

Instagram Stories Additional Features

Before these two new features Instagram has been updating Stories with the ability to include links, mentions, and boomerangs. These can all be done directly from the Instagram Stories section.

The new boomerang feature in Stories allow users to create boomerangs without leaving the Instagram app. Users can easily switch between normal and boomerang within their stories.


The addition of links and mentions within Instagram is great for businesses to drive traffic to their own websites or promotions they’re having. Users will know if a story has a link because there will be a “see more” at the bottom that can be swiped up to take the user to the link. Be sure to alert followers of your story links by drawing creative texts in your story as in the image below.

instagram see more

The new mention feature within Instagram stories allows users to tag others. When a user is mentioned Instagram notifies them and takes them directly to the story. This is a great way for users to include brands in their stories. Mentions can drive their followers to brand pages because mentions in stories are clickable.


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