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"You don't take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams


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Whether you are shooting photos for your company's website, social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, lifestyle photography statistically performs best of all photo categories when comes to engagement. Having someone who knows what they are doing, a lifestyle photographer for instance, is a great choice when creating a consistent content campaign. With the right photos, your engagement rates will go up and if looking to gain followers or another goal, lifestyle photography is needed. View our lifestyle photography faq for more information. Consider not shooting on a sterile white background, unless you have to. That is where product photography comes in. However, lifestyle photos can be supportive of your product photos because they show the products in use.

Corporate Office Stock

One of the other types of lifestyle photographs that we do for our clients is corporate stock. Often company or business websites don't want to use generic stock photos. This is due to the stock photos generic and non-representative look that really doesn't represent the company on their website. So what we do is either a full or half day shoot and setup scenes around the office and create photographs that the company can use.

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