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Get Great Pictures of Your Products for Amazon

It is widely regarded that high quality images help sell Amazon products by a wide margin. If your product looks like it was photographed in bad light or has coloring it shouldn’t, the customer thinks it will be delivered a product that looks like that.

Technical Requirements for Amazon Photos

Uploads must be in either TIFF (.tiff), JPG (.jpg or .jpeg), GIF (.gif), PNG (.png) format.

We never recommend using GIF format for photographs as it is limited to 256 colors and the format is aweful for photographs. PNG is needed if you want a transparent background. TIFF files allow for 8 bit and 16 bit color depth which can give you the highest quality of color and richness. This is the most true to life format. However, it comes with the cost of file size. TIFF’s, particularly layered TIFF’s are huge files often in the 500mb+ variety. Our recommendation for Amazon product photo delivery is JPG. We often work in TIFF format when editing your product photos, but deliver in JPG. JPG is a high quality compression designed for photographs. File sizes for JPG are very manageable for the end user and load very fast on the web. Most product images on Amazon are JPG format.

White Background

We have a several options for white background photographs in our studio. We evaluate your product to see if the white background will work with the type of product. If it doesn’t work, we might have to cut the background from the product.

Example of White Background

example of white background apparel shot for amazon ecommerce

Clipped Background – Background Removal

We often remove backgrounds from our product photos and reinsert a pure white background. These files are delivered as JPG, but if you want the PNG transparent version we can provide that as well.

Example of a Clipped Apparel Product From Mannequin

after mannequin clipped shot

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