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Miami and Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Photographer

Selling property always begins with great photos. It is proven that quality photography sells a listing 8 times faster than property listings without quality photos. Shooting both exteriors and interiors are specialties in their own right and you will want a Fort Lauderdale real estate photographer who is capable of photographing both quality inside and outside photographs.

Twilight real estate shots are now becoming the gem for real estate magazines and real estate listings as they are typically the most beautiful of shots. This style of photograph is where the best of the home’s front and rear exterior is displayed. Photographs of real estate properties at night or twilight are reserved for the architects and interior designers that know how well these photos showcase their projects. Night photography for real estate will showcase the home in the best way possible. Contact us to get some awesome twilight and night shots of your property.


Interior Real Estate Photography

Exterior Real Estate Photography

Other Photography Services

Video Tours

Video tours of homes are still one of the best ways to highlight properties on sites like or Being that real estate videos are a time consuming process they are typically out of the average realtor’s budget and are reserved for high end luxury real estate properties which offer marketing budgets to accommodate such marketing expenses.


HDR Photography

HDR stands for high dynamic range photography. It’s a process of taking multiple pictures of the same exact scene and blending them to create stunning shots. Ever seen an amazing Miami condo shot that is perfectly lit, but the outside looks perfect with glorious blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean? That is due to HDR Photography. A photorapher cannot take 1 picture of that scene and get that shot. There is pre and post processing that is required to obtain that shot. It is these shots that help sell properties, especially high end properties.


Real Estate Panoramas

Panoramas for real estate typically require a specific set of photography equipment. At Brandamos we have that equipment. If this is an important item for your MLS listing let us know.

Color Correction

One aspect that you can never achieve with an iphone or a cheap camera is color correcting and fixing white balance properly. You will need to have RAW photo capabilities to be able to change such settings.

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