Timelapse Is a Technical Art Form of Photography

If you ever wanted to compress time and then see the effects of that compression then time lapse photography is the way you can achieve it. A cinematography technique, time lapse photography occurs when the frame rate (image capture speed) is lower that of the playback sequence of the images. For example, you might capture 96 pictures from the same vantage point over a 24 hour period, however when “stitched” together it would seem the entire day passed in 24 seconds. Many people have seen examples of this throughout their life; videos of clouds and stars moving through the sky and flowers growing are two popular examples. In Miami, Brandamos is available for both time lapse photography as well as motion time lapse photography.

Where Have You Seen Timelapse Videography/Photography Before?

Well if you are a fan of these tv shows you have seen time lapse photography and videos:
Donald Trumps’ The Apprentice, Netflix series, House of Cards and Bloodline both open with Time Lapse introductions. However, tv shows like The Ultimate Fighter, Bravo’s Real Housewives (name the city), CNBC’s The Profit, and E’s Kardashians show rely on time lapse videos as transitions between scenes. These are just a few of the tv shows out there using time lapses in their productions.

Miami Timelapse Photography Reel

What types of Time Lapse Projects are there?

Brandamos specializes in several forms of time lapse photography and can shoot both night and day sequences. Your time lapse movie subject matter will be critical to having an interesting time lapse movie. The other important factor is the time span.

Long-term time lapse projects are usually the domain of civil engineers and construction companies who may need to ensure their clients are in the loop on particular building projects. Built into a protective housing, a camera and related control equipment will be set up at a particular vantage point at, say a construction site and begin to capture images (on average every 10 minutes) that can be uploaded to a website (private or public depending on the project) for viewing. On the other hand, short-term time lapse projects are for much shorter projects, such as cars streaking by in a scene, to a few hours of frames.

Brandamos offers the highest quality for your project, regardless of what your project needs are. No matter what your final deliverable requirements are, 720p, 1080p, 1400p, or 4k, we can create timelapse movies in several final formats.

Where In Miami?

We have shot timelapse videos in Brickell, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Bayside, Coconut Grove, Homestead, Doral, and Wynwood.

How can time lapse photography benefit your business?

Time lapse photography can benefit your business in a number of ways depending on your needs. If you are looking to show the true indication of how busy your dining area or shop is time lapse photography by Brandamos is what you need. If you are showcasing a project of yours at a trade show, a time lapse video is perfect to convey your message quickly and efficiently. If you only have a few moments to create a splash with a potential client you need to receive the biggest bang for your buck and Brandamos understands that better than anyone in Miami. Ideally, time lapse photography is utilized with other still images, music, and appropriate sounds to help your message stand out against the rest.

To achieve higher traffic online you can even throw your time lapse photography video on your website, or other popular video websites. Potential clients are likelier to visit your site after viewing your video, particularly a high quality professional job (the only job Brandamos is capable of).

What are the keys to successful time lapse photography?
The real estate adage “location, location, location” is appropriate here. The key piece of the time lapse project strategy is finding the most advantageous vantage point to capture the thousands of images required for a particular project. Working hand-in-hand with you, Brandamos will exhaust all options and leave no stone unturned looking for that optimal location. Once we find the optimal setting, our teams begins obtaining permission to access the location from where the images are to be captured; often times it may be on different property than the actual project. Finding the perfect location includes taking note of the weather, and determining the alignment of sunset and sunrise.

Special equipment may come into play depending on the location we find. We employ stable mounting platforms to prevent shake from machinery, inclement weather (high winds, for example).

Once the shots are complete (or as they are still coming in) our postproduction attention to detail is unparalleled to anything else you will find in Miami. Using only the best software and using up-to-date techniques, we will provide you with mind-blowing time lapse video.

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