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We photograph your products fast! Companies worldwide require their products photographed often on a black or white background to highlight just the product in all its glory. Photographing on a white background is called keying and we can do that for you. Depending on the project we may utilize a green screen, however, most of the time we will shoot on white and cut the background out. View product photo gallery.

White Background Product Photography

Typically products are placed in front of a white backdrop or background often using a backdrop stand with a white paper or vinyl background. If the products are large enough, a full size white background is needed for products such as apparel on models or anything that a model might wear. This is a curved sweeping wall that has no hard edges and is great for making products pop. A “cyc wall” is typically reserved for large products such as vehicles, and furniture for example.

For smaller products such as jewelry we use product lightboxes or build our own lightbox setups. For medium size products we use standard backdrop, white or black, with elevated boxes to make the products pop in the camera.

We can shoot both Amazon and Shopify approved photos for your ecommerce store. Maybe you are looking for Amazon product photography?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What If I Don't Wan't or Need White Background?

That isn't a problem for us. You can view some of our non-white, hero shot, or stylized product shots below in our product photography gallery. Are you an art director? We can shoot anything according to your brief.

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Can You Photograph At My Business?

Yes we can shoot large products or high value products on site as well, such as palettes of products, furniture, high end jewelry, cars, art installations, etc. How about shooting products in 30 degree freezer? Yep we can do that too. Onsite product photography is not a problem for us.

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Product Photography Compositing | Color Correcting | High End Editing

We can Photoshop anything. If you would like your products composited into other photos, color corrected, or manipulated to match your final design, we can do that as well. Contact us for a quote.

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