Questions To Ask Your Web Designer

First things first, simplify your idea and concepts. Customers and visitors want a website that loads correctly and gives them an opportunity to access the information that they came there to see.

Web Design is what is known as front end development. Make sure your web designer understands hosting as well.

Some questions you should ask are:

  • 1. Will the website be hosted on a linux or windows box?
  • Some people will say who cares to this question, but it matters. Windows hosting is less open to utilizing the best of the web tools. Even if you can install certain languages on a windows box the performance might be terrible or requires a more convoluted setup. We recommend linux hosting utlizing LAMP tools.

  • 2. Do you need to register, reserve, secure, or renew any domains? Who is in charge of that?
  • Sometimes the designer will register the domain for you. Just find out if they will do that, or maybe they can just transfer the DNS for you if you already have a domain registered. Changing DNS is a different procedure depending on what software your hosting on.

  • 3. Where will it be hosted? (We like many web hosts, but there are more that are quite horrible). Brandamos likes HostGator.
  • 4. Will there be any advanced coding languages involved? Jquery/Javascript, php, perl, python, ruby, etc? If so will the designer be maintaining that codebase going forward?
  • You need to find out how website maintenance will be handled. Websites are not set it and forget it. They are set it and maintain it, tweak it, and upgrade it.

  • 5. What kind of business do you have? Is your business the kind that would rather people email, such as a store, or would you rather have phone calls, such as a plumber?
  • A website these days is important to every kind of business. More people use the web these days to discover quality restaurants, tradespeople, doctors, and everything inbetween.

  • 6. Will your website have a map to your business? If it matters, it better be there.
  • If your location is important then you better have a map and setup on google.

  • 7. Will the web designer be providing the initial onpage SEO or will you need that from a proper SEO firm?
  • If a site isn’t built with SEO in mind from the beginning then you could wind up with a poor url structure, as well as other potential SEO killing problems.

  • 8. What tools do they use to code the website?
  • This question is to just see if they even know anything about website building. If they can’t answer this, its a major red flag.

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    Ask your web designer these 8 questions just to see if they know what they are doing.

    Then ask us.