If you’re looking for an internet marketing agency, Fort Lauderdale is home to one of the world’s finest agencies: Brandamos. Brandamos is an industry-leading online marketing company that provides a comprehensive range of services to optimize your company’s online presence. Some of the tools they use to connect your brand with a huge online audience of customers include SEO, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media management, website design, and more. Brandamos is a team of world-class marketing experts who have the creative and analytical skills to set you apart from your competitors with effective internet marketing campaigns that convert into sales.

Why Do I Need Online Marketing?

Internet marketing is the way of the future. Consumers across a range of demographics are getting most of their information online, leaving conventional media like TV and print in the dust. To succeed in today’s fast-paced, competitive marketing climate, you’ll need an internet marketing agency on your side. Online marketing is a complex undertaking, and unless you have a large in-house marketing department, you can’t do it effectively and run your business at the same time. Brandamos specializes in creating customized websites, social media pages, blogs, video content, and more for clients across a wide range of industries, from local florists to national oil companies. Their staff of experienced, knowledgeable professionals have the skills and the expertise to create marketing campaigns that work beautifully for your brand. Over time, skillful internet marketing will bring in more sales, increase brand awareness, and encourage a positive reputation for your company. Brandamos has helped many businesses like yours get a serious edge over the competition with expertly executed internet marketing services.


The Core Components of Online Marketing

There are several key components for successful online marketing, and as Fort Lauderdale’s leading internet marketing agency, Brandamos excels at all of them. They employ several key services to create the strong, appealing web presence that your local company needs to create loyal customers who choose you over other brands.

Website Design and SEO

The first thing you need to be successful online is a website. Brandamos employs talented web designers and web developers, who combine great graphic design and expert coding to create a unique, visually appealing website with a good user experience. Once you have a fantastic website, the next step is to make sure that your potential customers can find you on Google. This process is called “search engine optimization,” or SEO. SEO techniques combine relevant keywords in your website text with reputable links to your site from elsewhere on the web. This helps improve your rank when someone in Fort Lauderdale searches Google for products or services that you offer. For example, if you’re an HVAC repair service, Brandamos can help your company rank on the first page of Google for searches like “air conditioner installation Fort Lauderdale” or “Fort Lauderdale heater repair.” Naturally, this has tremendous benefits. When someone is looking for your services, they’ll find you first. This effect can drastically increase your business by bringing in new clients.

Social Media and Content Marketing

Along with an amazing website that makes its way to Google’s front page, Brandamos is also a national leader in social media marketing and content marketing. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook give companies an unprecedented ability to reach out to a huge online audience. You can reach people all over Fort Lauderdale with coupon deals, company announcements, and very importantly, content.

Content marketing has a proven track record of bringing excellent results for companies that use it effectively. “Content” can include tweets, infographics, product photos on Instagram, informative blog posts, and even Youtube videos. Different media and different types of content work for different companies. The expert marketers at Brandamos understand which demographics use which social media sites. They can then create content that embodies the spirit of your brand, while providing value to an audience of potential customers. The key to successful content marketing is providing value to your users. A Youtube page full of funny videos, a Pinterest full of fashionable shoes, or a blog filled with informational “how to” articles, are things that people actually want to see and read. It gives them a reason to come to your website or visit your Twitter page. It’s a highly effective method to bring in new customers.

As the top internet marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, Brandamos works with businesses like yours to create a strong online presence. They can help you harness the power of social media to make a real connection with a huge audience of locals, many of whom will become new customers. Using relevant, interesting content and SEO, along with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising through Google, they can help you dominate the market in Fort Lauderdale for the services or goods you offer.