Who Should You Hire To Manage Your Social Media?



When it comes to managing multiple social media campaigns, social media pages such as Facebook, Google, Tumblr, and company profiles for social media websites like Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest just to name a few, it’s really easy to get bogged down with the sheer volume of work that needs to be tracked! It wasn’t long until people started developing software to make it easier.

While operating a page or pages manually can be done if you have the time, you often miss out on peak hours, forget to actually log in and post and don’t track your reach and engagement rates effectively enough to really improve your return on investment for social. Here are some of the biggest problems in social media management and the ways some of the most popular software solves that problem.

Problem 1: Timing Posts for Peak Hours

It has been proven time and time again that certain times are better to post than others, particularly in the weekday afternoons at around 3 PM or just after dinner time. Sites like Facebook are scaling back your ability to reach customers due to excessive amounts of content going through people’s newsfeed at any given time, so in order to stand the best chance of getting your followers to engage, it’s crucial to post at these times. Avoiding these areas can result in lower reach, fewer likes and zero ROI on your social time you invest.

Solution: Post Scheduling and Engagement Reporting

With tools like Hootsuite, you can schedule a week or two’s worth of posts in just an hour or two. This will then automatically drip feed to your desired pages without having to micromanage the process throughout the week. If you are not available during any peak hours to post, the software does it for you. Additionally, you can get custom reports to see what your engagement rate was and determine how effective this type of media is. A social media company, such as Brandamos, knows how to use software like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and other software related to social media management. The software allows for scheduling and analyzing the social media efforts, but what are you posting? This is where content marketing and content creation comes into play.

Problem 2: Managing Multiple Pages

Juggling different social accounts and multiple pages is often difficult to manage for most companies. Trying to keep up with the daily grind of social requires dedicated and knowledgeable people that most companies don’t have.

Solution: Custom Accounts and Multiple Pages

Services like Hootsuite and Capzool allow you to switch back and forth between pages with a snap, but do you know how to use these tools is the question. You can see at a glance everything you are managing, schedule content within a few short hours and get the word out quickly.

Problem 3: Addressing Negative Customer Feedback Online or Discussing Advantages of Your Product Versus Competitors

If you are building a product or service, there is a good chance people are going to talk about what you’re doing somewhere on the web. Googling your brand is not the best way to figure out exactly what people are saying. It is time consuming, wasteful and downright inefficient. You are likely to invest huge amounts of time while having very little traffic or engagement to actually show for it.

Solution: Social Media Mention and Reputation Management Software

There are plenty of softwares on the web such as Buzz Bundle and Google Alerts that can automatically send you updates based on who is mentioning you or a competitor. Whether it is good feedback or not, you can come in and engage the user in conversation, addressing any concerns they have and thus improving your online reputation, building quality backlinks and traffic to your site and getting a higher return on investment for the time and energy it took.

Problem 4: I Need to Generate More Leads, Sales or Users for My Website or Application on Facebook!

A lot of times, you run a Facebook campaign only to watch it generate very little return on investment. This makes it a waste of time and you have to cut the campaign off before it can ever realize a profit. You’d like more leads and sales, but it just isn’t happening. Social media is one place that can really generate overall brand expansion and real business with a low cost to manage in relation to other traditional marketing efforts.

Solution: Social Media Marketing Software
You want to hire experts who know how to use social media software and not spend years trying to “figure it out.” This makes lead generation and marketing campaigns much more effective than ever before when you put experts like Brandamos in the drivers seat of your social media marketing campaigns.