Restaurant Internet Marketing

As a restaurant owner you know the importance of how your restaurant appears not only in person to your customers, but online as well.

a busy restaurant

Mobile Restaurant Webpage

We can provide you with a great mobile landing page for your restaurant with the purpose of either building your email list, adding likes to your facebook page, or getting customers to review your website.

In Depth Restaurant Consulting

Brandamos takes a deep root level analysis of online review sites and finds out some of your restaurant’s deepest issues. The things you don’t see, we’ll see, and its the things that will keep your restaurant from being successful.

According to a study done at UC Berkeley, “a half star increase on Yelp can make or break your restaurant.”

Online Restaurant Reservations

Are your customers able to make online reservations through your website? We can setup an online reservation system on your website giving your customers a new way to connect with your restaurant giving you an immediate ROI.

Facebook and Twitter For Restaurants

Restaurant owners are realizing the importance of both Facebook and Twitter to their bottomline. Restaurant’s social media campaigns include what kind of specials they may be having that night, drink specials, or new menu items. However, running a restaurant takes up all your time and then some. Brandamos can manage your restaurant’s social media sites. Let us do the posting! Contact us for all your social media needs.

Online Reservation System

There are several online reservation systems online including Open Table. However, you give up a commission to every booking made through these services. We can add an online reservation system to your website where every booking you make there is commission free.

An Attractive Restaurant Web Presence

If your restaurant’s website looks poor, that is a reflection on your restaurant and customers will make the association to your food as well. Even if your food is incredible, customers will associate the two and pass on visiting your restaurant. Don’t take chances. We can build you a great looking online restaurant web site that reflects your food and restaurant the way it should.

Is Your Restaurant Struggling?

We can get your social profile in front of people that can influence your business.

Review Improvement

Our review improve service can help your restaurant get more reviews 100% ethically and legally. We ignite and engage your happy customers to leave reviews whether they are positive or negative. Building your restaurant review profile is an important step, but we take it further by improving your business in different areas.