We Are a Fort Lauderdale SEO Company

Specializing in SEO for more than 20 years prior to starting Brandamos, the company was founded on search engine ranking for hundreds of websites before ever having a single client. Search engine optimization is important to every business that has an online web presence. The reason is that your customers use keywords when they search for what they are interested in and search engine listings and the rank of those listings give those customers traffic. If your business is not within those top results, that customer is going to your competition. In our case SEO Fort Lauderdale is a term we care about. You will care about different terms and your business will benefit from high priority rankings. Some examples of those terms could be 'funny t-shirts,' 'steel pipes,' 'vascular surgery center,' 'light up shoes' and 'saw blades.' Every business has a set of different keyword terms that matter to getting traffic and new customers. Discovering, prioritizing and ranking for those terms is what we help your business with.

Our SEO Process

Step 1: Listening

We listen to you about what your business is about. Brandamos will immediately have ideas at first glance, but through the discovery process with each client we come up with deeper keyword ideas that can really boost your business. If you live in Fort Lauderdale or other parts of South Florida such as Boca Raton or elsewhere, its easy for us to have an in person consultation. If that is not possible we can arrange a phone or skype meeting that fits your schedule. (We also handle all Miami SEO services for clients as well.)

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Step 2: Keyword Analysis

Brandamos uses the most up to date keyword analysis tools combined with years of experience knowing what are the best buy in keywords that may pertain to your business. Certain keywords that work for someone selling cosmetics probably won't work for your non-cosmetic business. It isn't that simple, but you get the idea. We need to determine the strength and difficulty of the keywords we are interested in targeting. Strength of keywords is determined by a number of factors, but in a nut shell, it means how many people are targeting that keyword already. The difficulty of the keyword applies to how hard it will be to rank for that keyword. Example: Fort Lauderdale SEO the strength of this keyword is high because there are many SEO companies in Ft Lauderdale trying to rank for this term. The difficulty, however, is not as high as you might think.

Step 3: Apply

We then come up with and apply a search engine optimization strategy utilizing our targeted keywords list. Example: We want to rank for Fort Lauderdale SEO Company so we apply an SEO strategy to rank for that particular phrase. We will apply the same strategies for your website, optimizing it for the keywords and traffic we want to obtain. The right keywords will bring the right traffic, the right traffic will convert better for what you want your website visitors to do. Every strategy is custom tailored to our client's business and goals for their website. Contact us today to get started, 954-369-0948.

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