Alcohol Rehab Treatment Facilitires Need Help With Internet Marketing

As an alcohol rehab center, your focus is on helping your patients overcome their addictions. It's easy for companies in the healthcare industry to overlook the importance of internet marketing and SEO, but websites and social media are incredibly powerful tools to bring in clients and keep the public informed of your services. Both drug and alcohol rehab's are an incredibly important service, and so you'll want the very best company managing your internet marketing campaigns and strategy. Brandamos is a local SEO company in Fort Lauderdale with a presence in Miami, specializing in excellent website design, powerful social media campaigns, and cutting-edge SEO techniques for successful online marketing that converts and will increase ROI. An alcohol rehab center whose internet marketing campaign is managed by the experts at Brandamos can raise awareness about your rehabilitation services for people who are abusing alcohol and are addicts. With Brandamos at the helm of your marketing efforts, your in-house staff are free to focus on what's most important; helping patients overcome alcohol addiction. A marketing campaign by Brandamos incorporates several core components: website design or makeover, photo and video content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, and social media management. Together, these online efforts will increase traffic to your website, bring in new clients, and raise awareness about your brand among your target audience. Your competitors are using these techniques. Why aren't you?

Customized, Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website Design

It's important for any business to have a website, including health care facilities like alcohol rehabilitation clinics. Brandamos employs a team of web designers and creative strategists with over twenty years of experience building intuitive, accessible, informative websites that make it easy for your clients to find the information they need about your services. If a person or their loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction, the first place they're going to look for help is online. With a well-designed website from Brandamos, they'll be able to find your rehab center easily, and find out all the necessary information about the services you offer. Brandamos builds websites through WordPress, an industry-leading content management system. WordPress allows you to edit content, make new pages and posts whenever you want. Although prefabricated templates are available in our express packages, Brandamos can set you apart from the crowd by creating a highly customized website tailored especially to your internet marketing efforts for your alcohol rehab center. A mobile-friendly custom website with good SEO goes a long way toward bringing you success with your marketing efforts as you reach out to those who need help with alcohol addiction. In fact more and more people are contacting addiction centers using click to call methods of browsing online.

SEO: A Key Online Marketing Strategy

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is at the forefront of modern internet marketing. Brandamos employs seasoned experts with an in-depth understanding of the most effective ways to boost your visibility when people search for services like yours, attracting clients to your website. There are quite a few companies out there that claim to offer SEO services, but few live up to the quality that Brandamos offers. Unlike many other companies, Brandamos ignores outdated techniques that no longer work in today’s ever-changing SEO landscape. Their search engine strategists understand that not all backlinks, or links to your website from elsewhere on the web, are equally valuable. They also recognize the tremendous importance of the content that’s written on your website, which can have a huge impact on how Google and other search engines choose to rank your site. With Brandamos in charge of your website’s SEO, you’ll enjoy an increase in clientele, a positive reputation on search engines, and increased traffic to your website from alcoholics and their loved ones who need information on how to get help.

Rehab Center PPC / Pay-per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is another effective alcohol rehab internet marketing method offered at Brandamos to increase your web traffic and attract new clientele. The expert analysts at Brandamos carry out intensive, up-to-date research to determine the right advertising keywords to increase traffic to your site, bring in revenue, and raise awareness about your company's services. They'll clean up any existing advertising efforts, streamlining your ads to focus on the most relevant keywords. Their conversion tracking monitors visitors as they enter your website, click links, fill out online forms, and otherwise interact with your website. This provides useful insights into what efforts have been effective, and how to make further improvements to optimize your website and online marketing campaign.

The Power of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing creates the unprecedented opportunity for your alcohol rehab facility to communicate directly with your audience about alcoholism and the services you offer to help addicts recover. Brandamos is a leading social media management company that employs top experts who can create unique, customized social media profiles for your company, and build up a base of followers and friends. They’ll create and curate relevant content that appeals to your audience, encouraging potential clients to interact and, ideally, potentially inspiring people with alcohol addictions to contact you for help. The internet is a powerful tool that allows your facility to reach out directly to those who need your services the most. With a high quality, customized, mobile-friendly website created by the experts at Brandamos, along with SEO techniques and social media management, you can experience incredible success with your alcohol rehab internet marketing campaign.