Tamarac, Florida is a city perched between the east and west side of Broward county home to University Hospital and many retirees. With so many doctors in Tamarac, they often search for a Tamarac SEO company that can handle the ranking of their practices in the search engines. Many other doctors and health related businesses in your field are currently utilizing internet marketing strategies to gain more patients and customers. Why aren't you competing with them?

Who Is Brandamos?

Brandamos is a local company in Fort Lauderdale / Broward County that is experienced with internet marketing for over 15 years. We've seen the ups and downs in Google rankings and know all the techniques both good and bad. The algorithm used by Google changes all the time and you want to use a company that understands and follows those changes. We only have one directive when it comes to SEO for your business - MORE BUSINESS. It's not just about web traffic, it is about converting traffic to MORE BUSINESS.
tamarac - a city in Broward County

Analyzing Your Website

We look at time on site and track user flow throughout your website to see where we can patch up holes that may cause your traffic to be leaking away from your website. In this graphic we are tracking 20 keywords for a client and they moved 188 positions on Google and 259 positions in Bing. seo results graphic

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