A recent Craigslist post, “Busy NYC Restaurant Solves Major Mystery by Reviewing Old Surveillance”, claims that customers playing on their phones and taking pictures are causing delays and cold food resulting in bad reviews. Before they came to this conclusion they hired a consultant to find out what was causing so many problems in their restaurant. They decided to review surveillance footage from 2004 and compare it to 2014.  Since the Craiglist post was made there have been a lot of people questioning if it is fake or not.

Technology is supposed to make things easier and quicker. It is interesting to think that it may actually be slowing us down.

We took the information from the post and designed the infographic below. So go ahead and read the original post if you would like or scroll down to see it visualized a little bit nicer than a giant block of text.

Original Post is no longer live.

Download the hi-res graphic here and don’t forget to credit us with a link.


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