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A typical list of social media services that a social media agency like ourselves will handle for your business is daily or weekly posting of content to several social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for example. Beyond that our social media services might include content creation, video creation, boosting posts, or social media advertising management.

Customer Engagement

Engaging audiences or customers can be handled on different levels as far as social media posting schedules go. Everything from customer support to audience responses to customer service.

What Is Social Media Good For?

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Brand, Product, or Service Awareness

A strong social media presence is important for all businesses, because it can simply bring you more business. There has never been a time where companies have had this kind of cheap access to market their brand to potential customers and advocates. As a social media agency we act as your company’s surrogate to announce, educate, inform, grow, and entertain the company’s audience.

There are several reasons companies need to be involved in social media. The main reason is that this is a free distribution point to communicate with current and prospective customers. The second reason you have to be on social media is to continue marketing or communicating with your customers. Once you have cultivated an audience for your brand, product, or business, you should continue talking to them. We can communicate with your audience utilizing content production, content curation, and content marketing. As a piece of your digital marketing strategy, social media is the gateway to your audience; it is a communication window.

Use Social Media To Communicate Your Message

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Social media allows you to be where your potential customers already are. Whether you run a large company or a local business, our social media management services should be a part of your online digital strategy.

Let the Brandamos team manage your social marketing campaigns and business profiles. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Fl we can meet with you in person, or visit us at our office to talk about what we can do to improve your social media presence. If you are located across the country or across the pond we are only a phone call or email away.

What Can We Do For Your Business On Social Media?

  • Customized pages, backgrounds and graphics
  • Build fan base
  • Engage fans with unique content
  • Expand your reach
  • Generate thoughtful content ideas
  • Viral Campaigns

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Why Hire Our Fort Lauderdale Social Media Marketing Company?

  • 1. If you are local to us, we get to meet in person to talk about your campaign goals and epic social media victories.
  • 2. If you are not local to us, that’s cool, we have clients from all over the world, and we use Skype, Google Hangouts, and other forms of modern communication to connect.
  • 3. Digital communication isn’t good enough? We TRAVEL as well. We can meet you anywhere in the world and come up with a dynamic strategy that will get results.
  • 4. You want your social media agency to be happy and our team lives in the sunshine year round, which can only benefit your social media goals.

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Fort Lauderdale Location, With Global Reach

Our social media agency is based in South Florida, but we have clients all over the world. We customize a social media strategy that works for your business no matter where in the world it is and no matter where your audience is. In fact, your audience might not be where your business is. We understand that. Brandamos has worked with a variety of companies, large and small, international to local. WE GET IT.

Do You Need Social Media Services?

Let us manage your social media channels. Most businesses are not equipped with the personnel to run their social media channels the correct way. Both large brands and small have trouble engaging their audience and reacting to the rapid response required. It’s time to try Brandamos’ social media services for your business. We have the experience and talent to grow your followings and manage them. Contact us below.

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