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A typical list of social media services that a social media agency like ourselves will handle for your business is daily or weekly posting of content to several social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Instagram, or Twitter for example.

Brands BIG and SMALL



Engaging audiences or customers can be handled on different levels as far as social media posting schedules go. Everything from customer support to audience responses to customer service.


What Is Social Media Good For?

Brand, Product, or Service Awareness

A strong social media presence is important for all businesses, because it can simply bring you more business. There has never been a time where companies have had this kind of cheap access to market their brand to potential customers and advocates. As a social media agency we act as your company’s surrogate to announce, educate, inform, grow, and entertain the company’s audience.

Social Media Services

Social Media Strategy

Content Creation

Social Media Management

Social Advertising

Infulencer Outreach

Social Listening

Social Video Production

Promotions & Contests

Do You Need Social Media Services?

Let us manage your social media channels. Most businesses are not equipped with the personnel to run their social media channels the correct way. Both large brands and small have trouble engaging their audience and reacting to the rapid response required. It’s time to try Brandamos’ social media services for your business. We have the experience and talent to grow your followings and manage them. Contact us below.

Our Process

Brand Review

Thorough review of company, competitors, customers; define all goals

Brand Strategy

Develop creative and strategic content strategy


Monthly campaign management

Raving Fans

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