The New Year is here, and we’re ready to take it head-on with fresh, new content. We have had the pleasure of creating brands from the ground up or elevating an existing brand to new heights. With that said, we’re proud to be ringing in the New Year with some of our top pieces of social media content that we’ve created in 2018. Are you ready?

What makes good content on social media? At first glance, the message has to be relevant, relatable and timely to the target audience and visually aesthetic as well. It has to make people want to click through and see what your product or your brand story is all about – and that’s why our top social media content for 2018 was so successful. Our team immersed itself in each of the brands that chose us to be their social media agency, content creation studio or photography and video production agency. We learned everything there was to learn about them and created or elevated these brands to new levels. We established concrete brand guidelines that had cognizant, grounded font and color choices, a defining, memorable logo and website copywriting that brought the brand and their story to life. It’s not easy, and it’s a ton of dedicated (wo)manhours, but it’s oh-so-rewarding when you see everything you’ve been working hard on come to fruition. If you want a breakdown of what a social media agency actually does, check out our blog. Trust us; we don’t just scour Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social platform and watch what embarrassing family photos are being posted about you. We’re functionally trying to grow your brand from the inside out.

Content creation is only the first step. What to do with that content on the social media space is the next step. Knowing how to leverage content on social media is part of our job as a social media marketing agency. Our team has created a list below with a few client goals we achieved while creating our content strategy for the top social media posts of 2018. It’ll help you create a basic checklist when you’re shopping around for the best social media agency and how to express what goals you’re trying to achieve for your business:
– Increase Followers
– Elevate Brand awareness
– Generate Leads and sales
– Increase community engagement
– Streamline customer support
– Distribute content consistently and promptly

Creating the right content strategy for your business is equally as important as the content piece itself. No one wants to put the time or money into creating the most perfect piece of content only to say: “Alright, now what? Finding out what your social media goals are is quintessential to this process.

The top social media content of 2018 also has the metrics to back it up. Rule of thumb: ALWAYS measure your social media metrics. If you do not measure your social media metrics, you may want to look back at our post on The Lowdown on Social Media Content Strategy. There’s nothing more disheartening than learning you’ve been working backward this whole time, so do yourself a favor, and give it a quick skim to learn the fundamental importance of social media metrics and content creation.

How do you measure an intangible metric like brand awareness or growth? It’s simple. The great thing about social media is that each platform has their own metrics dashboard built in natively where you can monitor these statistics daily, weekly, monthly or even a custom timeframe. These metrics are basic at their core, but can still provide some valuable data at face value. You can opt to have even more advanced metrics if you use third-party social media management tools like Buffer, Social Sprout, Google Analytics or others. There are a variety of tools out there, even some that are comprehensive to a specific platform.

Great content doesn’t always have to go viral for it to be good. Viral content helps, but it shouldn’t define your business or your content strategy. Always keep your business and social media goals in mind. Good content can be simple. It doesn’t have to be overly produced or written by George R. R. Martin. It just has to evoke emotion in your audience. It’s as simple as just being human. It has to be relevant, relatable and timely. Should you leave this article with anything, it should be that – content should be relatable, relevant and timely to your audience. It’s our mantra here at Brandamos.

Overall, 2018 was a great year, and we hope it was for you, too. With 2019 at our doorstep, we’re ready to elevate our content creation game. We are excited to see what the new year will bring and what content we’ll have lined up to show off next, so stay tuned.


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