Social media is a powerful marketing tool, the likes of which are truly unprecedented in human history. Social media gives your company the potential to reach out directly to an audience of potential customers, in real time. It helps build rapport A social media following is a powerful asset for companies, and when used correctly, it can lead to increased sales, positive word of mouth, and other benefits. With the expert social media strategists at Brandamos at the helm of your social media campaign, you’ll know your company’s reputation is in good hands.

Hiring Experts for Social Media Management

Social media management might sound simple, but it’s actually a complex undertaking. Social media is not only a science informed by data and analytics, but also an art that depends on an intuitive understanding of human behaviour. An effective social media campaign synthesizes these elements to cultivate appeal to your target audience.

There are numerous social media platforms available. Some of them are relevant to nearly any business, whereas others are more effective for people in certain industries. Facebook and Twitter have huge, diverse user bases, and are almost a must-have for companies across a wide range of industries. Almost any target demographic can be found there, from 30-something white-collar professionals to urban teens. There are also other platforms that can be extremely effective within certain niches. For example, a clothing company or lifestyle brand can benefit tremendously from skillful usage of image-based sites like Tumblr and Pinterest, but these sites may not be as effective for a third party logistics outfit.

The social media management strategists at Brandamos have years of experience with social media, and in-depth knowledge of ongoing trends that can be leveraged to benefit your company’s marketing campaign. With seasoned experts creating and curating content and maintaining your social media pages, you’ll see increased traffic, positive word of mouth, and

Content: King of the Social Media Sphere

There’s an oft-repeated catchphrase about the current social media climate: “Content is King.” The key to successful social media management is interesting, useful, informative content that provides value to your target audience. The social media management specialists at Brandamos will create unique custom content that’s relevant to your brand, incorporating photos, videos, blog posts, and more to attract potential customers or clients with things they want to see and read about. Content is also curated from other sources, like industry publications and various places around the web. Effective content marketing creates an expression of your brand’s image and aesthetic, as well as underscoring the products and services that you offer. For example, if you’re a travel agency, beautiful photographs of exotic locales and articles about traveling to various places can help establish your brand as a resource for travel information. When potential clients go looking for that kind of content, they’ll find you. Even if they don’t immediately make a purchase, they’ll form positive associations concerning your brand name. This, in itself, can be immensely valuable.

Going Viral

It’s hard to predict whether content will go viral. Planning and orchestrating a successful viral marketing campaign requires and understanding of what has worked in the past, an in-the-moment feel for the most current social media trends, and an understanding of what appeals to your target demographic. In short, it takes a true expert to pull off viral marketing. At Brandamos, you’ll find experts capable of spreading your content far and wide across the internet, organically. The great thing about viral marketing is that once it takes off, it perpetuates itself, as your audience shares it among themselves. Viral marketing has tremendous potential. As a national leader among social media management companies, the creative strategists at Brandamos have the tools, skills, and knowledge to make it happen.

Social media marketing is a challenge, but when done correctly by the industry-leading experts at Brandamos, it can become one of your company’s most valuable marketing tools. Few methods of internet marketing can match the sheer power of social media. Whether you’re a niche B2B company, or a lifestyle brand aimed at style-conscious teens, a well-targeted social media campaign with high quality content can make a tremendous difference in sales, brand awareness, and your company’s reputation among your target demographic.