Almost every aspect of any digital business initiative is moving towards digitalization. Thus, everyone, including established or non-established marketer focuses more on online marketing. And to make their brand successful and famous, the social media plays a key role in the online marketing mix. Being a conscious online marketer, you need to plan your online tactic in advance. The Social Media Marketing Strategy is achievable, but it’s not a short term process. Initially, it takes months of sheer hard work to bring traffic or establish your brand on digital platform. The time consistency determines the future that how it is going to generate revenue for your products. But again, if you want to get everything as instantly as you wish in your mind, then it is impossible –particularly for the small business or traders.


Patience and Active Participation Works Wonder on Social Media

Everyone wishes to see his social media strategy successful, however, very few gets it done successfully. The reasons behind a large number of companies or brands having no recognitions on in the digital marketing are as follows.

  • They are not able to execute there strategies properly.
  • Even after having good contents, brands, resources, in short, everything; still they are biting dust among the millions.
  • No proper execution, planning and intent to get instant revenue just from the beginning are some of the main reasons for not getting their brand established.

Well, let’s create a Tagline line now.

  • Make such tagline that could easily memorize
  • The tone should be sophisticated and give elegant feeling
  • Must be traditional, sentimental and touching the individual’s personality

To get the best idea about picking up the online platform is the essential one

For example, if you are selling products on Facebook for the age group of above 50. Do you think that it is going to help you any more? Of course not, you will have to return bare foot or have to bite dust. You will have to find a place where you can make your products reach to the interested and right audience.

Effective Content Planning

Your content is something that lets your audiences stay on the page and compels them to buy the brand or products. There are some proper content planning for different platform, such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked.In and others. As said in the past, a social media digital agency would be able to help with Content Planning.

Let’s understand in detail, on Twitter, you have to write something catchier within 115 characters. Then comes the image or video; this is seen that people get attracted towards the image or video more than anything else and retweet or share them. On the other side, on Facebook, you need to make your content visually effective and Keep the Tagline short and valuable within 40 characters.

Similarly, you have to plan differently for the Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and others. Your promptness, actively participation and timing of the post on various Social Sites do matter the most. For example, at least 3 tweets on the Twitter, 2 posts on Facebook, Linked.In, 3 on G+, 5 pins on Pinterest and 1 on Instagram a day is necessary.

Review and Measurement Can Work Wonder

Last but not the least; you must keep your post tracked time to time. You can evaluate your performance on the different social sites. Moreover, you should have the idea of your audience gathering –their timing when they are active on the various Social Media. Try to read their mind and offer them what they seek from you. Keep the record noted and work on your weaker section.

In Short, you can explore more as, you are at the place where sky is the limit. Day in day out, you get something new to explore, and this will continue till the Social Media ends. Nevertheless, the tips I have shared with you, I am sure, will stand by your expectations.

Do share your new evolutions and experiment on Social Media Strategy with me in the comment! I appreciate the new and taunting ideas of my loyal readers.

Moreover, the more you work hard at the initial stage, the more you can create the revenue in the future. This is the most popular way of bringing your brand in the eye of people. If you are really serious about taking your brand, blog, website or other social pages trafficked or sharable, you are supposed to implement your plan accordingly. Various different brands, pages and website have different ways of making them famous. First of all, if possible, hire a professional Social Media Expert and discuss your plan to tackle the various issues together. At the same time, look at the effective points that I have described below.

  • Recognize Your Target Audience and Set Your Goals & Objective Accordingly
  • Set Up the Product/Brand Based Tag Line & Punch Line and Choose the Platform
  • Effective Content Planning
  • Review and Measurement Can Work Wonder

Let’s understand together, how a good and successful Social Media Strategy can help you to establish your brand and bring traffic.

Recognize Your Target Audience and Set Your Goals & Objective Accordingly

This is, of course the most essential and phenomenal step that one should take in very beginning of planning their social media strategy. You must set up your goals and objective in the very opening before you take the further steps. Be specific and clear with your objectives that you have to achieve within the time frame.

Target Audience:

You must recognize your audience and plan everything relevant to them. And, to recognise your audience, the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) will help you. You can use Google Analytics and other infographics to refine the KPI and understand mindset of your audience.

Set Up the Product/Brand Based Tag Line & Punch Line and Choose the Platform

Tagline or Punch Line is the main USP of the products, brand or any website. It should be compelling so that it will not only attract the audience or customers, rather make your products selling. You must define the Tagline/Punch line with your audience point of view, not yours.

Here’s some of the unique and effective suggestion that you should keep in mind while making Tagline/Punch Line:

  • Ask a few questions to you before creating the Tag or Punch lines
  • How beneficial is it to the audience or customers’ point of view?
  • The comfort and luxuries your customers to be enhanced?

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