One of the best tools for anyone managing a social media campaign is Hootsuite, and just recently they have announced Instagram will be supported within the dashboard.

As straightforward as social media marketing may seem, the more we do it, the more we realize just how many facets exist to running a successful campaign.

Yes, we get it, content is king; to reiterate the most redundant statement online.

True success, however, is a lot more than just posting cool content and growing your followers. Next to quality comes consistency, an aspect many small businesses have overlooked on their quest to growth.


Instagram is the fastest-growing social platform on mobile devices in the world.

With over 300 million users and 40 million photos posted each day, the key to success starts by knowing when and how often your brand should be sharing per week. The challenge for most is actually remembering to do so.

Fortunately, the web-gurus at Hootsuite have just rolled out the Instagram version of their software to streamline your success by fully integrating with Instagram’s mobile application.

Whether you’re running your Instagram account alone, or have an entire team ready to divide and conquer, here’s how Hootsuite can take your campaign to the next level.

Schedule Your Posts When You Have Time, Not While You Feel Rushed

There’s a very sensitive balance to maintain between how often you post, what time you post, and when the majority of your followers tend to be browsing their news feeds. It’s very easy for us to plan on posting something at, let’s say 8pm, but become distracted once we’re home and doing other things.

By using time during the work day to establish a content calendar, you’re guaranteed to craft and schedule posts more meaningfully.

Now that Hootsuite is able to integrate their Dashboard with your mobile device, you can type, hashtag, and build posts directly from your desktop.

The one downside people are experiencing has to do with Instagram directly. While you can schedule and build posts from the desktop, you will still need to publish the post from your phone using a push-notification sent from the Hootsuite app. (See image below)


What’s Possible With The New Dashboard

Like most dashboards, with Hootsuite you’re going to have powerful analytic tools that breaks down all of your activity in order to evaluate which posts are doing the best, and when. The native integration allows Hootsuite users to do the following:

Schedule and Publish Instagram Content

– As mentioned earlier, the process involves two steps, but if you can devote a couple hours on Monday to creating a weeks worth of posts, all you’ll have to do each day is wait for the notification and save time throughout the rest of the week.

Monitor and Engage With Your Audience

– Whether you have one, or multiple Instagram accounts, Hootsuite makes it easy to manage all of them in one stream. This is an efficient way to interact with your audience to keep them intrigued in your activity.

Powerful Analytics

– Hootsuite has a powerful analytics feature which can be utilized by accessing the left fly out menu, and selecting ‘analytics’.

It’s here that you can begin crafting personalized reports that track the data that’s most important to your company. You can start by using one of Hootsuite’s templates, or dive into creating a more advanced report that will require you to purchase “points” to run them.

The more you invest in understanding which posts are doing well, and when, the less time you’ll have to waste posting content that will ultimately be unsuccessful.

Multiple Logins

– With a business account you’ll be able to set-up multiple employees on Hootsuite with their own accounts and passwords in order to divide the content schedule equally.

Share Across Platforms- Going back to saving time, a smart move to consider is crafting a post that can run across multiple social media platforms. Hootsuite allows you to build a post, and then schedule it to run across all of your accounts.

After you run it, head back to the analytics and compare which platform did the best and adjust for future content.

The Mobile Side Of Things

Instagram has made it very clear the app will continue to require the mobile interface indefinitely. Hootsuite also comes equipped with a mobile application that will allow you to access everything the desktop dashboard does.

How has Hootsuite been assisting your business to Instagram success?


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