Colors play a huge role in the branding process. Choosing the right color or colors for your brand is an important part of the design of your company. The power of color in a brand is apparent when we look at some of the biggest companies around the world. McDonald’s is known for its golden arches over a striking red background. This is different from Subway, which has the combination of white and yellow with a green outline. Your brand needs to stand out from all the rest while also drawing the attention of consumers.

Colors Have Meaning

Certain colors produce different feelings for people. This is a big reason why picking the right color holds a huge weight when creating a brand. About 80% of the visual information people receive from a logo has to do with the colors used. Each color triggers a different psychological response that influences the way people perceive the overall logo. In order to get exact response you want from your customers, your brand needs to be using the right colors.

Let’s take a look at the color red and the companies that use it. The color red represents passion, strength, and desire. This color also signals an alert. It invokes strong emotions and hunger in people. That’s why we see the color red in so many food companies like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s. These three companies contrast the red with shades of yellow that are representative of warmth and friendliness. When these brands use these colors combined they create a brand that is exciting yet approachable which is perfect for drawing in the average consumer. Read more on the effects different colors inhibit in people here.

Brand Colors Match Brand Values

In the decision process for brand colors, the best place to start is by looking at the values of your brand. When the most important values of your brand are established you can easily match those values to the right colors. Produce the values of your brand visually by developing a color scheme that matches. By matching the brand values to the brand colors the overall brand message stays consistent. This consistency makes it easier to ingrain your brand within the minds of your target audience.

A Company That Understands The Importance Of Color

At Brandamos we understand the importance of the perfect color and design for your brand. It’s not a decision to take lightly and it requires a lot of deliberation to portray the exact message you want for your brand. We have worked with many clients to steer them in the right direction for creating the best look for their brand. Take a look at the outcomes for logos and designs we produced for previous clients in our work portfolio.

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