Do you have a website that isn’t converting the way it should? Do you feel as if you’ve done everything you can yet you still hear crickets chirping when you look at your conversion rates. Often there’re a variety of reasons this is going to be the case.

In this article we’re going to cover the steps you can take to ensure you’re increasing your conversions and thus increasing your business. Increasing your conversions has to do with a few web design strategies, as well as, an entirely different way to view your business.

1. Too many calls to action

You might have heard that you need to direct your readers towards the next step for them to take. However, you’ll want to be careful as it’s easy to go overboard with the CTAs and you can actually end up leaving your readers more confused than they were to start. Instead of directing them with clarity, you’re lack of choosing the best option will leave them feeling overwhelmed.

It’s your job to decide the most important option for your readers to take, and direct them to that option. After they’ve completed that first step then you can direct them toward what’s next.

2. Not using any images

Images can help to communicate much more than words. If you’re selling a product, especially if it’s digital, you’ll want to make sure you’re using images. This will go a long way with increasing your buyer confidence.

You can also use images of your and your team, so your readers can build a deeper connection with you before they decide to buy.

3. Lack of clarity

Overwhelm happens all the time on the web. You’ll be doing your visitors a huge favor by not contributing to this noise. Make sure you take the time to distill the key elements of your site down to a simple message. Focus your messaging towards one customer and direct everything you have to that person. By focusing on everyone you get none, but by focusing on a single person you’ll attract every person who resonates with that description.

4. You have broken links and navigation

You’d be blown away by the sheer number of sites that have broken or buggy navigation. If a user can’t navigate around your site there’s a good chance they’re going to leave and take their business elsewhere. You’ll also want to keep your navigation as simp as possible.

Also, if you have broken links throughout your content you’ll want to fix these as well. Broken links stop the flow of content, and make your content seem less authoritative.

5. Lack of social proof

If you aren’t documenting your success and highlighting your testimonials you should start as soon as possible. By having testimonials you’ll make your buyers more confident about what you’re offering. People are more likely to buy things from people they trust.

I hope this article has been illuminating if you haven’t been receiving the conversion rates you’re looking for. By fixing some of the mistakes above you’ll see your conversion rates increase, however, it’s always important to test whenever you make a change so you know what’s working.


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