Every year it seems as if the new trends have taken over the old. Will the new trends ever stop!

It can be stressful to keep track of design changes, however, we believe it’s helpful to consistently track of the latest design trends throughout the year, just in case any of the updates will have a positive impact on the design of your website.

This year there have been a lot of massive changes. Although, some of the trends haven’t lasted long, others have stuck around and made a big impact, such as responsive design. In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest web design trends we’re going to see this year and beyond.

Flat design is the new black

Flat design keeps things very clean and modern. Think flat colors and sharp lines. Flat design has seen an increase in popularity, because it makes sense.

The key focus of flat design is user experience. It does this extremely well, by providing more white space. By doing less, it ends up doing a lot more.

Responsive is becoming an industry norm

Responsive design is making headway towards becoming a web standard. The demand for a responsive website continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down in the future. The demand for a great responsive website will continue to grow as long as the sales of smartphones and tablets continue to rise. You’ll want to have a platform that translates seamlessly across every single device.

Clients are continuing to ask for responsive design, and knowing how to code a responsive website will soon become necessary knowledge for any developer.

Images reign supreme

High quality images can really help keep your readers engaged for a long period of tie. Images can also help to convey your brand in a deeper way than a few words can. Designers have been pushing the use of images, especially high resolution images, in their designs for years. Finally, it’s beginning to catch fire from a development perspective.

Load times for bigger images have seen a rapid decrease in recent years, which will go a long way towards their continued use. The pricing of these images is also on a decline, which makes using these images much easier and cost effective.

Parallax grows in popularity

If you’ve browsed the web for more than five minutes last year, then I’m sure you’ve encountered a Parallax design. This style of design implements a scrolling feature, that focuses on beautiful images, and large typography.

Parallax design works incredibly well for telling stories and making a brand stand out against the rest. We’ll see more features of this style of design implemented more in the future as well.

Typography gets the spotlight it deserves

The web is about typography. Finally, with recent developments this is truer than ever. There are now more high quality fonts available for a good price than ever before. This has reduced the barrier to entry for including creative fonts in a website, and they’re becoming more mainstream.

Fonts are able to bring a lot of emotion to the table, and can help to tie together any other simple websites, that are focused on type.

Content becomes the biggest focus

We’ve always known the importance of content. However, now more than ever we’re seeing websites strip away everything and just focus on the content. Your content should be the backbone of your website anyways. A lot of designs are finally taking this to heart.

I hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding of the current state of web design. The trends in web design always point towards a better user experience. A lot of the popular trends this year will continue to become mainstays for years to come.


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