iphone-youtubeThe appetite for video in the online world is huge, by tapping this market you’ll go a long way towards engaging your ideal customers. In this article we’re going to cover the steps you need to take if you want to market your business effectively when using video.

Why should you create videos in the first place?

The market for videos is huge. YouTube gets over four billion views a day, and that’s just one site. Imagine, if you can get a tiny portion of these visitors watching your videos and continuing onward to your website each and every day. The size of these platforms has caused a lot of companies to begin crafting unique videos to try and capture a slice of this viewership.

What is the goal for everything you produce?

Before you move forward with creating your video campaign you might want to take some time to set goals, that way you’ll be able to tell if video marketing is a good use of your time.

Your goals can range from the number of pageviews, to the number of conversions to your website, to the overall message you’d like viewers to “get” out of your video.

Make sure you decide on the purpose of your video before you move forward. Are you trying to educate and inspire your viewers? Or, maybe you’re trying to sell your services or products? Once you have the purpose of your video laid out you’ll be able to create a compelling call to action to intice visitors after viewing.

What styles of video fit my audience best?

There are virtually thousands of different styles of videos to choose from. This choice will be determined by your market and who the majority of your viewers will be. For instance, you wouldn’t make a video with cartoonish characters if your market is business professionals.

By understanding your market you’ll be better able to predict their needs, and what they’d actually enjoy watching.

However, make sure that your video is entertaining, or at least captivating. Most users of video sites like YouTube are looking to be entertained, by having a dull or boring video you won’t be doing anybody any favors.

How else can I make my videos a hit?

Marketing across the video medium can be very similar to any other platforms you’re used to using. For example, you’ll want to optimize your titles for SEO purposes by including certain keywords that your ideal visitors are most likely to be searching for. You’ll also want to make sure you have a description that entices viewers to click on. If your viewers have watched your video and are looking for more, you’ll want to make it as easy as possible.

Aside from that remember that your videos don’t always have to be promotional, by simply entertaining your viewers you’ll keep them coming back for more. Another good idea, is to focus on education. Whatever you decide on, make sure it provides value of some sort.

I hope this article has been valuable and you have a better idea at how to strategize for an effective video marketing campaign.


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