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Corporate Overview Videos

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Corporate overview videos can highlight a company’s message whether that involves announcements, attracting new hires, crisis communications, highlighting unique processes, or simply telling a good story. Videos these days are consumed by more people on the internet than readable materials.

What type of corporate videos are available? Anything you can think of. We love the raw stories the best, but we can also shoot with a green screen if that’s your preference.

Using Social Media Channels For Your Corporate Messaging or Branding?

Corporate Communications

1sale daily deal corporation

Communicate with your audience large and small. When changed their name to they wanted to address new website changes and explain to their customers how they provide the customer with the greatest deals possible. They also wanted to demonstrate their new more efficient package delivery process.

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benihana corporation video

With a global chain of restaurants there is a never ending need of finding servers, bartenders, sushi chefs, teppanyaki chefs as well as management positions. Benihana wanted to create a video that communicates why they are a great choice when considering a career in the hospitality industry. We acheived the goal by highlighting different employees with various levels of experience working at their restaurant brands.

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