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At Brandamos we are full production studio so creating a Facebook video ad for your business, product, or service, is well within our capabilities. If you need us to manage your Facebook advertising campaigns, we can do that too. Whether we are shooting in our studio or on location, we can create a captivating video ad that works for whatever you are promoting.

We Create Facebook Video Ads!

What makes Facebook advertising a great option for businesses to advertise is the ability to target based on interests. Facebook knows what people like because people have literally "liked" things on their personal pages for years now. There is an enormous amount of data of what people like. Not only do they have that accumulated data, but they have it segmented by so many categories, but for starters, zip code, city, gender, etc. Imagine as a business owner you can advertise to Females in the 33352 zip code. That is pretty powerful stuff. However, that is just the most basic targeting Facebook offers. You can target people that like using Tools, The Real Housewives, Cross Fit, Pizza, and it goes on and on. So now that we know you can advertise to highly targeted audiences till the cows come home, what you need to figure out is how are you going to advertise to that audience.

You Have Advertising Options On Facebook

You can use images - high quality images PLEASE. Nothing is worse than seeing a restaurant advertising on Facebook with horrendous photos of their food. Please seek out someone who can take high quality photos if you are using images in your advertising. With Facebook you can now use videos to advertise your product, place of business, etc. What is amazing about Facebook video advertising is that they autoplay the video in the feeds of the person that fits your target audience. The video ads also play on mobile devices. That is a good thing, considering people spend most of their time on Facebook via their mobile device logging in 14 times per day on average.

Adwords vs Facebook Advertising

They are both powerful platforms for advertising. Both can be complex or as simple as you want them to be. I think Facebook is a simpler and more effective for reaching the audience you want to target. However, there are discussions that the audience on Google is in more of a search and buy mode, while Facebook is a better first advertising option for local businesses. The two platforms use totally different targeting methods. Google Adwords ad targeting is largely based on search terms. For instance if you search for Facebook Advertising Videos, you will find companies advertising that they do Facebook video ads. On Facebook an ad for a company that does Facebook advertising videos might only show up in a feed for people who like things such as Advertising, Marketing, Business, Networking, as well as many other categories.

Facebook Is Better For Brand Building

One of the strongest points for Facebook ads over Google is brand building ability. Facebook Video ads up the ante even more on brand building because you can convey your message both auditorily and visually.
Cinemagraph Example
Viral Video Concept

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Did you have a different type of video in mind? Great! We do all kinds of videos. Check out our video production page to see what other type of videos we can create for you.

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