Some business owners looking for services are often looking for a listing of services with a flat rate. The problem with the good, better, best pricing model is that it sets false expectations for potential clients. An agency or individual may say, for example, they will gladly help with your Facebook Page for the cost of $25 per hour. How is this valuable for you, the business owner? It may help because you can now expect to spend $25 for what you think is an hour worth of work. However, your particular needs far exceed that of one hour and go beyond what may be listed as “basic” services.

Rather than create basic packages that will not always address your particular needs as a client, we focus on custom packages based on your budget and business goals. An attorney’s office has different goals or strategies in comparison to a consumer goods company, for example. When a potential agency and client meet, the discovery process will reveal not only the needs of the potential client but also the expectations of what can and cannot be delivered by the potential agency. The agency will then send a scope of work summarizing the services that will be provided with a cost determined by the services available in addition to client budget. If the potential client agrees to the scope of work/proposal for services, all appropriate documents are signed to begin next steps.

Beware of those that will offer you the kitchen sink. Many companies claim to have a long list of services they will offer you. The famous phrase “jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind. You want your agency to be able to offer services however understand they are not the masters of everything.

Benefits of customized service include:

  • Honest pricing for your direct needs
  • Specialized services to help reach your particular goals
  • A personal connection with your agency

A strong team of specialists will help to showcase agency strengths in certain areas thanks to those individuals on the team. The discovery process is also an opportunity for you as the potential client to evaluate the agency for what they claim they will do for you. An agency that offers custom rates as opposed to “good, better, best” pricing is on the right path to making a connection with you as a customer.

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