People remember stories. We tell ourselves stories, we read stories, and we tell stories to our friends. Most of our days are spent either creating or consuming stories. There’s no reason our brand should be any different. Stories create emotional experiences, and people remember emotional experiences.

By using the power of story to propel your brand you’ll create a company that people remember and talk about. In this post we’re going to look at how you can unlock the power of story for the benefit of your business.

1. Makes Your Brand Stand Out

Most brands are still trying to communicate with facts, and attempt to persuade their users to take action. When you tell a story that allows your user to relate in a new way the next natural step is to take action.
People love to share stories. A story can transcend your brand and make your business part of something much larger.

2. Creates An Emotional Experience

People act based upon emotion. You can try to hit your users with facts all day, but it won’t persuade them the same way. A story helps to convey emotion that allows your users to see themselves as part of a story that’s unfolding around them.
Stories that create emotion allow your user to see themselves as part of the story.

3. Deepens Your Connection

Telling a story takes your customers on a journey. You go beyond brand values, statistics and charts. You show them you understand them on a deeper level and really know their needs, dilemmas and problems. This level of understanding is crucial for building trust.

4. Increases Sharing Potential

Readers love to share inspiring stories. If you can craft a brand story that really allows your readers to feel like the story was about them, then they’re going to share it. When a user shares the story of your company to brand they’re really sharing something about themselves.

5. Inspires Action-Taking

By captivating your reader with a story you’ll be able to take them on a journey, one they want to continue. By offering them the ability to continue this experience, whether by subscribing, reading more or sharing, they’re much more likely to take action.

(Brand Story for The Good Pie Company Kickstarter campaign)

6. Any Medium Works

Storytelling transcends the medium. Whether it’s a blog post, video, interview, web copy, or email exchange, the canvas it’s displayed upon doesn’t matter. What really matters is the message and experience.
Telling a story with your brand will help to create new layers of connection with your audience. At the end of the day it’s all about relationship building and starting with story lays the foundation for a great relationship moving forward.


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