Your branding and design need to be speaking the same language. The last thing you want is your visitor to be confused, and leave you site because they’ve had a bad experience. By having your branding and design align you’ll become a trustworthy resource for you customers and become the voice they come to time and time again.

In this article we’re going to cover the reasons behind why your branding and design need to align, as well as a few steps to get you started in the right direction.

Your website needs to build trust
Aside from having a spectacular design, or magical messaging, your website exists for one reason alone. To build trust.

People buy products from people they trust. Your website needs to inspire this trust in your visitors.

When your branding and design align you’ll be able to communicate in a clear manner that instills faith in your customers. Have you ever came across a very concert website that leaves you feeling good inside?

When people do business online they can already be weary, because they can’t see you face to face. However, if you’re truthful and in alignment there’s a good chance, people will associate you with good feelings.

You and your business will be rewarded for this.

How do I bring my branding and design into alignment?
There are several ways to ensure you’re communicating from a place of alignment. However, the best place to start is with your business. If you’re clear in who you’re serving and how exactly you’re serving them, you’ll be lightyears ahead of most businesses.

Once you have clarity around your customer, their unique needs, and how your business is primed to serve them. You’ll be ready to move onto other elements of aligning your branding and design.

What’s your overall design style?
The style of your website needs to agree with your business. For example, if you have a business that serves corporate clients you’ll want your style to be extremely professional. This means more muted color schemes and professional images and text.

This wouldn’t be a good time for colorful backgrounds and pictures of your favorite animals.

Your style will be influenced by your customers and what they’re looking for.

Understand how each piece fits together
Your design should be viewed as a container for your message. While both of those are working together to serve your customer and communicate how you can serve them.

Your brand is what a person thinks of the moment someone mentions your brand. Each piece should fit nicely and help to construct the bigger picture you’re after.

I hope this article has been valuable and you have a better understanding of how your website and branding can be aligned to help you communicate in a clear and effective manner. Most websites don’t take the time to have every piece in order. By taking the time with each step you’ll be well on your way towards having a website that stands out from the crowd.


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