An email list should be the foundation of how you get in touch with your customers. Some people say that email marketing is dead, however, what they don’t realize is how effective email can be at reaching your customers.

Social media is prevalent, however, it doesn’t confer the way it should. People are too distracted to actually pay attention to anything. However, when you’re granted access to a person’s inbox a whole world opens up.

You can simply provide value to them, in the long run. Selling can be an afterthought.

In this article we’re going to cover the reasons why an email list is your most important asset, as well as how you can optimize your email.

1. People give you permission
A lot of marketing that exists today is simply an assault on people’s attention. However, people are getting used to this style of marketing and are beginning to pay attention to these ads.

When someone give you their email address they are effectively giving you permission to talk to them. If you sell to them too frequently, there’s a good chance they’re going to unsubscribe. However, they are still waiting to receive an email from you.

You’ve already got your foot in the door. There aren’t any other platforms that take down that first barrier to entry.

2. People live in their inboxes
People are more overwhelmed with email than ever, this means that when they give you their email address they are letting you into their homes. Let’s face it people get more email than they know what to do with. Because of this people spend inordinate amounts of time in their inboxes.

By being able to reach people where they spend the most time you’ll be able to market to them more effectively, and speak to them more often.

The more frequently you’re able to engage with your customers the more likely they are to buy from you.

3. It’s harder to ignore email
People don’t usually take the time to visit websites every single day. However, most people will check their inboxes every single day, usually multiple times.

When you send an email, unless it goes to spam, there’s a great chance they’re going to read it, or at least have to look at your email.

How do you build your email list?
First, building an email list takes time. Even though, I’m sure you’re trying to reach success as fast as possible, it’s important to be selective with who subscribes to your list. After all, it’s not about the size of your list, but instead how responsive your list actually is. A list of 200 people who open every email will be more profitable, than a list of 3,000 where only one percent opens.

You build your email list one person at a time. Find places to connect with your ideal readers, then provide them value, and make it easy to share your content and your emails. Over time, if you provide enough high value your list will grow.

I hope this article has been helpful and you have a better understanding of why a list is so important to your online business success.


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