A content management system is bundled software package coded in a variety of different languages that allows you to post and edit content whenever you want. That content is displayed on your site without having to use FTP and upload individual pages.

We are experienced handling Content Management at the Enterprise level down to a 5 page website.

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How Does a CMS Work?

Depending on the codebase, the software interacts with a database that allows the adminstrator or other users on the system to create content, upload media, or edit files and then have that media or content displayed on the internet.

Types Of Content Management Systems

The most popular CMS online is WordPress. WordPress is built on PHP and interacts with MySQL Databases. We love WordPress here and have the most experience on that platform. WordPress allows for incredible customization and high internet traffic stability. Another popular CMS is Joomla, which is also based on PHP/Mysql combination as well. Drupal is probably the third most popular PHP based CMS available online and allows for some interesting customization. The White House website is powered by Drupal. Typically these CMS systems are hosted on Linux based servers.

Other CMS systems that are available on Windows is Dot Net Nuke which is now the most popular CMS on the Windows/ASP platform.

Why Do I Need A CMS?

Every customer does not need a CMS. It depends on what your online goals are. If you want to post news updates, maintain a blog, or have access to changing content on a “whenever needed” basis, a CMS might be the appropriate solution. Most of our client’s projects require a CMS.

Can You Customize A CMS?

Yes you can do almost anything with the CMS. You can have a simple blog, to a full blown ecommerce site and everything inbetween. Brandamos has customized hundreds of WordPress sites and have hacked numerous Joomla ones as well.

If you want to get your current website moved to WordPress or Joomla or some other CMS, give us a call or fill out the contact form we can get the job done for you.