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We love WordPress and we can’t stress it enough. There are many reasons we love developing websites in wordpress, but when you make the switch from a static html site to a content management system such as WordPress you are going to have a level control over your website you never thought possible. WordPress is a content management system also known as a CMS, but many people misconstrue WordPress as simply a blogging platform. WordPress is much more powerful than “just a blog software.”
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We build custom website designs on top of WordPress. To make a custom design for your WordPress site you need a theme. Brandamos specializes in custom web site themes for WordPress. Let’s breakdown what this means for you. We design a look and feel of your new website and then slice and code it. Then we integrate the theme so that it works with WordPress and is optimized for mobile phone browsing and tablet browsing.

WordPress runs off PHP and MySQL databases. So you need to have an understanding of these two pieces of software if you want to do any type of heavy duty customization. However, we can style customizations as they live on top of the theme.

We Are Experts In wordpress.

Some of the Most Popular Sites Running WordPress

  • tc200
  • newyorker200
  • sonymusic200
  • time200
  • fortune200
  • variety200

WordPress Is Better For SEO

Your static website is not better than WordPress for search engine optimization and getting noticed by the search engines like Google and Bing. WordPress inherently is better for so many reasons. One of the best reasons is the ability to control the content on your website. Also you can monitor your content for errors which the search engines hate.

What Kind of Website Designs Can You Do With WordPress?

The type of wordpress website we can design is limitless. We have successfully launched websites with WordPress for e-commerce stores, landing pages used with Pay Per Click campaigns, and content based websites. Who needs a custom WordPress website? Everyone does.

Brandamos Is Local

We are local to Broward County, Fort Lauderdale in fact. You can be sure your new web design project is being handled by local South Florida based WordPress designers and developers.

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Why We Like WordPress Better Than Joomla

There are too many reasons to list, but the simple reason is that the development for WordPress is constant and always updating, while the development for Joomla is in serious decline. This is due to the number of websites being run with WordPress vs Joomla. You do not want to build a website on a declining forgotten software platform as it has the likelihood for being hacked. Not to mention WordPress is just better.

WordPress Marketshare vs Joomla and Drupal

WordPress Market Share


Joomla Market Share


Drupal Market Share


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