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When you are building an e-commerce store, one of the most robust and customizeable shopping cart platforms available is WooCommerce. Typically WooCommerce / Wordpress is a great option for small to larger ecommerce sites who are on a development budget. That is what is mostly known regarding WooCommerce. But did you know, WooCommerce might be the BEST software for your shopping cart if it requires custom functionality not available on any other shopping cart platform? Your developer will discuss all the logic that needs to be solved ahead of time regarding your ecommerce store to know if WooCommerce is the right solution for you.

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Does Brandamos Build WooCommerce Websites?

Yes we do. We have experience in building WooCommerce sites from the most basic platform to full blown custom e-commerce sites where no other solution exists for our client needs utilizing custom functions, plugins, api integrations, and more.

Is Your E-commerce Site's Software No Longer Supported?

If you have an ecommerce store that you want to switch to the Woo Commerce platform, let us know, and we can give you a quote.

Why WooCommerce Is Great

WooCommerce is a robust software platform in the marketplace used by many websites. Access to orders and product management is really one of the top features of WooCommerce. There are many payment processor plugins we can use to connect with the processor you already use.


WooCommerce Shopping Cart

The shopping cart layout that comes standard with the WooCommerce software is great by itself. However, there are additional customizations that we can add to make that experience better for your customer. We can shorten the cart checkout process, as well as using cart abandonment addons to improve overall sales.

WooCommerce vs Shopify

One of the most popular shopping cart options is Shopify. They are an ‘all in one’ ecommerce platform that charges a monthly fee. Many add ons are paid subscriptions as well. However, the shopping cart software is Fantastic. However, if you require function customization, then Shopify is not the best option. For most E-commerce customers, the platform is the most viable solution.

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