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Visual story telling is at the core of every brand. When you are looking for video production studio or photography company you are looking for someone who can create content that help tells that story. We handle full scale photography productions with xxx,xxx budgets down to simple product shoots. Brandamos has a full production studio on premises and have access to larger sound stages depending on the project. Are you launching an OOH (Out of Home) campaign or engaging your loyal fans on social media? Our team of visual storytellers, photographers, cinematographers, art directors, producers and creatives who understand the essence of brands and consumer psychology, can tell your story.

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We Shoot Everywhere, but Live in South Florida

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Its true. We are from Fort Lauderdale and Miami, shoot all over South Florida. Moreover, there are such things as planes, trains, and automobiles. Coupled with passports ready to travel at a moment's notice to capture your project internationally. Where you need us, we can be there.

If you are selling anything online then it begins with high quality, high resolution photos. Why would anyone buy your product if the visuals look bad? They wouldn’t. This is why the biggest brands in the world hire professional photographers to work with their visual media assets.

You can trust that Brandamos is a professional photography team with the right experience, equipment, and entertaining jokes to get through a long shoot with a smile; the three E’s are essential. If you are looking for video production, we can do that too!

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