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When it comes to effective, successful online marketing and advertising campaigns, content marketing is one of the best ways to spread notice and attract attention to your company. As a local business in Fort Lauderdale, you can leverage the incredible power of interesting, high quality content to forge a genuine connection with your audience and potential customers. Content marketing draws customers to your website and social media pages, improves your search engine ranking, and helps to foster a strong, consistent, appealing brand image that resonates with your target demographic. Brandamos is a leading content marketing company in Fort Lauderdale, providing a full range of content services like blog posts, videos, social media posts, and more.

Running a business is a full-time job, and then some. Without an in-house marketing team, you and your staff won’t have to time to create all content necessary to make an impact online. Brandamos specializes in helping businesses like yours succeed in a fast-paced, competitive online marketplace by offering content that appeals to your potential customers. With Brandamos in charge, your online marketing efforts will bring in new customers, strengthen your relationship with existing customers, and position your brand as a leader in your industry.

What Types of Content

What Kind of Content Do I Need?

The experts at Brandamos understand that content marketing success is dependent on understanding your audience. Different social media platforms, with different types of content, are well suited to different brands. For example, let’s say you’re a local electrician in the Fort Lauderdale area. Brandamos can create a well-written blog with regular updates, containing useful articles that answer common questions your customers might have. This new content will attract customers who might be searching for solutions to their problems thus converting into real customers. With Brandamos’ expert SEO skills, an article about different types of lighting fixtures could rank for a keyword like "installing a pendant light" when locals search for it. This brings targeted customers to your site who will likely be frustrated with the process and give you a call.

blog writing

Blog Writing

Blog content is highly effective for all different kinds of businesses, and has the added benefit of increasing your Google ranking for relevant keywords that are written into the text. As Fort Lauderdale’s leading content marketing company, the team at Brandamos knows exactly how to create blog articles that work for your brand. They also know what other types of content might benefit your brand image. For example, a financial planning agency might not have much use for a Pinterest page filled with pictures. For a local boutique with a wealthy female clientele, Pinterest is an indispensable marketing tool. With their industry-leading knowledge of effective content marketing strategies, the experts at Brandamos can tailor your content to your intended audience.

video marketing

Marketing Videos

For many brands, videos are an incredibly powerful form of content. Ever since faster internet and the rise of Youtube brought streaming video to the forefront, video content has been extraordinarily popular online. Many brands have had excellent results with videos. Some types of companies have a brand image that can benefit from humor. Internet users have a strong sense of humor, and they love a good joke or a funny skit on Youtube. Other companies would have more success with informational content. If you’re a law firm in Fort Lauderdale, for example, you could create a series of informational videos that answer some common questions about your particular branch of law.

Influencer Outreach

Reaching online influencers is one of the top ways to get exposure for your brand or company. Whether its a product or server online influencers offer a great avenue for exposure to their followings either on their blog or their social media profiles. Brandamos can help you find the right influencers to get the maximum exposure for your dollar.

Online PR

We reach out to online media sites like Huffington Post, Social Media Today, and Mashable to get our clients PR media hits to gain exposure for their business. Creating and posting press releases is just one small way to get exposure with online public relations. We target and go to the source with the goal of obtaining influential backlinks and exposure for our clients.

How Much Content Do I Need?

For your content marketing campaign to bring results, you need a constant, regular stream of fresh, interesting content. This is one of the benefits of hiring Brandamos as your content marketing company. You might have time to write a blog once every week or two, but for best results, you need daily updates. Brandamos can create a flow of constant content, ensuring that your customers see your updates every day. Frequent content posting is also good for SEO, especially when it comes to blog posts. Brandamos has a staff of talented content writers, whose full-time job is creating high quality, well researched articles especially for you. The better your content is, the better your results will be. Many people can write, but few people can write well or write for the internet. An informative article with clear, thoughtful prose will come across as more professional and authoritative than something you cranked out one evening after a long day at the office.

Brandamos is Fort Lauderdale’s top content marketing company, serving clients in a wide range of industries. They staff top experts to create unique, appealing blog posts, videos, images, and more that represent your brand and bring traffic to your website and social media pages. In the skilled hands of Brandamos, content marketing is a powerful tool that your local business can take advantage of, with amazing results.


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