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As a leading Fort Lauderdale web design company, Brandamos creates aesthetically appealing, flawlessly functional, mobile-responsive websites for clients in a wide range of industries. Good web design is essential. Customers need to be able to find your website so that they can find out about your services or products. A website that loads slowly, looks cluttered and tacky, or can’t be read on a smartphone, is a major turnoff. Not only does it reflect poorly on your brand, turning away potential customers who might otherwise make a purchase. At Brandamos, the emphasis is on quality and functionality. They employ a team of advanced web designers, programmers, and web developers, who work together to create a website that works to meet your company’s goals.


What to Expect from Brandamos?

The Fort Lauderdale Web Design Company

Brandamos has created websites for companies of all sizes, both locally in Fort Lauderdale and all over the world. Your website needs to be easy to use, pleasant to look at, and full of the relevant information your customers are looking for. The web design team at Brandamos will work with your company to create a website that meets your particular needs. They begin by brainstorming for ideas, which then become visual designs and code that come together to form your website.

Brandamos creates websites using WordPress, a content management system that makes it easier for the business owner to change information on the website. Wordpress is the most used website software on the web. WordPress is equipped with a huge variety of premade themes, although the designers at Brandamos can also create a new, unique theme to customize your website’s appearance. Respected publications like Forbes and the New York Times use WordPress for their own websites, a testament to the service’s stellar reputation for quality content management. WordPress is uniquely equipped for excellent search engine optimization, or SEO, making it a great choice for hosting your company’s website.

Although there are ready-made WordPress themes, a custom website design from Brandamos can give you a major advantage. You want your website to stand out. Naturally, it shouldn’t be garish, or have an aesthetic that’s inappropriate for your brand. However, having a customized design that’s tailored to your company will look more professional, and since it’s visually distinctive, it will make a positive impact on your customers. People who have visited your site are more likely to remember you if you have a memorable website.

Effective Landing Pages

A landing page is a simple micro-website that’s geared toward one of your services or products. The purpose of a landing page, which links back to your full website, is to capture web traffic when people in Fort Lauderdale search on Google for relevant keywords. For example, if you offer free legal consultations for workplace injury victims, you could have a landing page geared toward attracting people who are looking for a consultation in a possible worker’s comp case. Landing pages are an incredibly useful tool for SEO, and they allow you to target people looking for something you can offer.

We can use landing pages to enhance your advertising campaigns from Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising, Instagram Advertising, or even Bing Ads. Landing pages that are crafted well can lower your advertising campaign costs by properly addressing the needs of that visitor.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Ever since the first iPhone revolutionized the world of mobile devices, it’s become increasingly important that your website is mobile responsive. People spend up to 60% of their time on smartphones and tablets, and a website that isn’t readable on a phone is a major turnoff for many people. All of the websites created by Brandamos are fully mobile responsive, making them easy to read and navigate on a smartphone’s browser.

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E-commerce Web Design

If you’re an ecommerce website based out of Fort Lauderdale, Brandamos is your best choice for creating your online shopping website. They use Magento, a robust and versatile shopping cart system that’s perfect for online stores of any size. The Magento platform is superior to other, similar services, but it can be very challenging to set up correctly. The web designers at Brandamos have extensive experience setting up Magento for clients, sparing you the headache of trying to do it on your own. With Magento, you’ll easily be able to manage your inventory, orders, and more, making it easy to run your online business through your new ecommerce website. We also work with other shopping platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify. We often recommend WooCommerce over Magento depending on the situation of our client. As most small businesses don’t need the complexity that Magento provides.

For Fort Lauderdale businesses, good web design is a must-have for sales and success. Brandamos is the leader in Fort Lauderdale web design, creating beautiful, flawlessly functional websites that look as good on a phone as they do on a monitor.

Features of Your Website

As part of the website design and build process we survey our clients to find out what features they know they need and what features they don’t know they need. With accurate development timelines and correct quotes, we deliver web sites to our clients on budget and on time. Whether it’s custom development for the backend of your website or front end features such as custom ERP integration, contact forms, Salesforce integration, lead generation, funnel optimization, custom graphics, photo galleries, website videos, website background videos, and much more.

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