Marketing Your Muscle Building Gym

Muscle Building is probably the biggest fitness trend to take hold over the last 10 years. However, most visualize the aggressive workouts as a lifestyle rather than a trend or a workout fad. Muscle Building activities is an overall non-specializing strength and conditioning training program that is completely scalable to whatever your fitness goals are. It is physically impossible to not get results when changing your exercise program to Functional Training because it is all encompassing.

So with all this competition in the market, how do you separate yourself from all the other Muscle Building gyms (in this case South Florida)? There are several things you can do. We think video is one way to display your gym's personality and to demonstrate what a potential customer might encounter when they become a member.

Local Optimization

Utilizing the tools Google gives us we have to optimize your Google listing. Google optimization is key to having your Functional Training Gym ranking higher for your general location and zip code. When someone searches for Fort Lauderdale Functional Training Gyms, your box in Fort Lauderdale better be on page 1 or you won't be receiving any of that local search traffic.

Converting Web Visitors to Paying Gym Members

Your website needs a bold call to action to get that visitor to click on your more information button. You want to pull that web visitor in and try to convert them into a real customer. south florida CrossFit gym map

Here are two videos we created for our Functional Training Gym Client

Fitness SEO

The results speak for themselves. Rank at the top and get the best prospects. We can help.