Pay Per Click Advertising Agency

When it comes to PPC or Pay Per Click advertising, we are a ppc advertising agency that offers several options to businesses who have online advertising needs whether it is Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or other platform, we can help you with all of your PPC campaigns.
Brandamos is a Fort Lauderdale ppc management agency
With our PPC management services we can clean up your current advertising efforts and cut unnecessary spend and trim keywords that are just costing you way too much money. Moreover, we will do deep analysis to find out which keywords matter to your successful PPC advertising efforts and get improved results.

Full Service Fort Lauderdale Online Advertising Agency

We offer full service PPC Campaign management for business who want to rely on experienced professionals to drive traffic to their website and manage everything from keywords to campaigns.

Part Time or PPC Consulting

We also offer part time PPC campaign management or what is better known as PPC consulting. We scan your campaigns, keywords, and ads to see where improvements can be made and include monthly audits as well.
  • Full Service PPC Management
  • $1,500 Plus % of campaign spend
  • 10% <$10,000 monthly spend
  • 15% >$10,000 monthly spend
  • PPC Consulting
  • $1000 Plus % of campaign spend
  • 5% of monthly spend

PPC Goals

Our goal is to drive targeted traffic at a competitive rate and stay within the assigned budget. We will regularly look for optimizations at a campaign on a granular level and split test ads to find the one that attracts visitors the most.

Landing Page Optimization

Your Google Adwords or Bing Ads score is dependent upon your landing page content. If it is of high quality your ads will be cheaper than the competition. Google hates sending traffic to an advertiser only to see them bounce from your site unhappy with the visit. So if your landing page is of higher value to the person that clicked your ad, your quality score will be higher and thus your advertising cost for that keyphrase/keyword/link will cost you less. This is something that our Fort Lauderdale Pay Per Click Agency can help your ppc campaign be successful with.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is essentially tracking the visitor all the way until a certain action takes place. This action could be a purchase, signup form, a click, or a bounce. We check to see if the campaign is converting and look to see where improvements can be made if the conversion rate is less than optimal. Based on the conversion rate, we know if the campaign requires tweaking and gives us our first clues and where to start looking next to improve the ppc campaign.

PPC Funnel Tracking

Tracking your visitors is an important step for any PPC campaign, and any Pay Per Click agency should know and provide a client with that visual of their websites funnel.

What Can We Do For Your Today?

Brandamos is ready to takeover and elevate your online advertising campaign. If you are looking for PPC, you might be looking for content creation as well. Contact us today to get your questions answered.