I Don’t Live Near You, Can You Photograph My Products?

Yes! Clients send us products from all around the world to photograph.

What Other Items Can I Be Charged For?

Advanced assembly, advanced cleaning, or other items that were unanticipated. Group shots setup. Oversized items or heavy weight items. Major retouching beyond our usual free service. Return shipping charges if not prepaid. Additional color matching in post for single products.

What Is the Turnaround Time?

Our typical turnaround time is around 1 week. This timing can change depending on schedule. It is always best to contact us if you are in a RUSH. We do charge a RUSH fee if you need to step in front of the production schedule.

Who Owns the Copyright?

The copyright belongs to Brandamos, but we grant our clients with rights to use the images however they wish.

How Much Does It Cost?

We have a minimum session fee, but charge per product photo. If the number of shots you need are over a certain amount, then you will be charged per product. If your photo needs fit underneath our session fee, you will only be charged our session fee.

What Is Included?

  • Transparent background
  • Basic setup of products
  • Advanced setup requires additional charges. Ask us.
  • Basic assembly
  • Basic retouching

How Can I Help Guide You to Get the Best Photos For Me?

Provide angles you would like the products to be shot at If available you can be on site to help style the shot. Ask us first.

What Does Brandamos Need To Create My Photos?

To make a long story short, “Everything.” Before starting your product shoot, we need answers to these questions:
  • The exact number of shots you expect to get from your shoot.
  • Defining and describing your products. Are they shiny? Do you want a shadow? Are reflections ok or do you want them removed? What are the dimensions of the product? Does it need to stand up? If it’s a bag do the handles need to be floating in the air or can they be hanging downwards naturally?
  • Do you have a preferred angle?
  • Showing another image you have seen before that you would like to mimic.
  • How you would like them shot. Knowing the angles, product placement, shot straight on, at an angle, etc is critical to ensuring that the photos we take will fit your vision.
  • Drop shadow or reflection or none?
  • Final image delivery format? If you don’t know ask us.
Without the above information, we photograph your products with the best of our knowledge to create the images we can create for you. Contact Us Today
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