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Just because you are on social media, doesn't mean you know how to market on social media. Use a social media agency to get ROI.

Social Media Management


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Social Media
Customer Engagement

Creating content, scheduling that content, then engaging your audience is fundamental to social media management. It is the job of the social media agency to work with the client and create a schedule of content that will entertain and educate your audience. Whether that content is done via professional photography, UGC - user generated, videos, or custom Photoshop work creating marketing pieces to post on the appropriate social channels.


Why Do You Need Social Media Management?

Brand, Product, or Service Awareness

A strong social media presence is important for all businesses, because it can simply bring you more business. Whether its local social media management or for a national brand, both types of business need social media exposure. There has never been a time where companies have had this kind of access to market their brand to potential customers and advocates. As a social media agency we act as your company's surrogate to announce, educate, inform, grow, and entertain the company's audience.

Social Media Management Services

Social Media Strategy

Content Creation

Social Media Management

Social Advertising

Influencer Outreach

Social Listening

Promotions & Contests

Do You Need Social Media Services?

Let us manage your social media channels. Most businesses are not equipped with the personnel to run their social media channels the correct way. Both large brands and small have trouble engaging their audience and reacting to the rapid response required. It’s time to try Brandamos’ social media services for your business. We have the experience and talent to grow your followings and manage them.
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Our Social Media Evaluation Process

Brand Review

Thorough review of the company's brand, it's competitors, customers demographics; define all goals

brand review for social media
strategy for your brand

Brand Strategy

Develop creative and strategic content themes that will appeal to your company's audience. Define what has worked in the past, what hasn't, and aim for the bullseye.


Monthly campaign management; Create and schedule content; Engage audience; Advertising and promotion; Monthly Reporting

executing the strategy, we go to work

Raving Fans

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