Social media marketing services from the experts at Brandamos can work wonders for your business, no matter what industry you work in. Brandamos is a company that specializes in creating customized online marketing campaigns to spread the word about your brand. They offer a comprehensive set of services to optimize your website, blog, and social media pages. Search engine optimization (SEO), good website design, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and great online content are indispensable tools for any modern marketing campaign. Brandamos hires some of the nation’s top analysts, strategists, and creatives, who work together with your company to create a consistent, appealing online presence. Social media marketing services have the potential to give you a significant edge over your competitors, and countless brands have seen incredible results from well-designed, well executed advertising on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and other social media platforms.


The Value of Hiring an Expert

Many small business owners make the mistake of hiring someone very young and inexperienced, possibly a family member, to manage their social media pages. This stems from the misconception that social media marketing is as simple and intuitive as checking your own personal Twitter replies. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Professional social media marketing services from Brandamos are provided by experts with years of education and experience in how to use social media effectively. It’s a delicate balance of reason and intuition, combining a humanistic understanding of a demographic’s needs, wants, and motivations, with mathematical analysis of statistics to gain insight into what’s working and what isn’t. It’s actually surprisingly complex, and it’s definitely a full-time job. If you try to do it yourself on your lunch break, or hire your teenage nephew part-time to post on Facebook, you won’t see anywhere near the results you’ll get with full-time professionals from Brandamos. They know exactly how to position your brand, gain meaningful followers who will actually want to buy your product, and create great content that draws your audience in.

The Power of Content

There’s a saying right now among marketing experts: “content is king.” One of the best ways to market your company and increase brand awareness, is good content. “Content” can cover a range of media, from useful “how-to” articles on your blog, to artful photographs of your product on Instagram. Social media is the key to posting and sharing content with a vast online audience of potential customers.

Naturally, if you don’t have a sizeable in-house marketing department, it’s hard to find the time to write blog posts and create videos. Even updating your Twitter page can take up a significant amount of your day. That’s where Brandamos can help your company succeed. They employ expert marketing professionals. They’re top minds in their fields, and they have the experience, expertise, and nuanced understanding of industry trends that you need to really make your social media presence come alive. Brandamos will take care of your social media marketing services for you, so you can focus on selling your products or providing your services.

Social media marketing services like Brandamos understand that effective content marketing is part art and part science. The artful part involves creating unique, interesting content that provides value to your audience. Depending on your industry, this content can take a variety of forms. Some brands do well with lighthearted, humorous content, like Old Spice, to solidify their unique brand image. Other brands might benefit more from informational content like “Top 10” lists and “How To” articles. Some brands do well with images and videos, whereas others benefit more from the written word. It all depends on your industry and brand image.

Your brand aesthetic and industry will also affect what social media platforms will work best for your company. Clothing brands, for example, see great results from photo content on Pinterest and Instagram. A B2B drop shipping company might not need an Instagram account, but they might benefit immensely from informative blog articles relevant to their industry.

Creating good content is an intuitive process that requires a high level of human understanding. It requires marketing experts with a unique sense of what kind of content is trending, and an understanding of what your target demographic actually wants to see. The science comes in with analytics. Brandamos hires brilliant analysts who keep track of the numbers to decide what parts of your campaign are working best. They keep track of how many people are clicking your links, how many people are visiting your Facebook and Twitter pages, and how long people spend on your website. This data is incredibly valuable, providing insights that allow Brandamos to further fine-tune your marketing campaign for maximal results.

Not just anyone can get results from social media marketing. With the top experts from Brandamos in charge of your campaign, you can focus on what you and your employees do best. Their industry-leading social media marketing services, designed by expert digital marketers, will help give you an edge over your competition by building a strong online presence, a strong brand identity, and a positive reputation with a worldwide audience of consumers.